The roaring business of infidelity

While we have refrained from joining the mob in tearing up the parties in the recent case of infidelity, the case has been receiving more than warm attention. All the tabloids and media have allocated significant space and resources to it. In cyberspace, some blogs have dedicated themselves to it with gusto, constant updates and youtube clips. It is a roaring business and everyone is happy enjoying every little bits of the news. It it showbiz all the way. With such news all over the pages, what else is news or interesting news for the masses? I wonder what will happen to the General Election should a piece of such infidelity appears concerning some big time celebrities. Maybe they will have to call off the election. For good business and a decent bottom line, the one and only major newspaper would do well to produce a tabloid of its own to cover such matters of the hearts. Sure to sell very well. We have enough celebrities to produce materials on a daily basis, and a hungry mob of imitation paparazi that have nothing better to write about and want a little attention of their own. The advent of the casinos and liberation of lifestyle, many juicy things are there waiting to be reported. Then we have the new age felines that believe, with some truth, that kiss and tell will pay. And telling such stories is like wearing a badge of recognition and instant fame. They did not invent the word infamous or infamy for nothing. Fame and success are attainable in many ways and there is no right or wrong ways. Our society is maturing, getting more like Hollywood, more glittering. Someday any attention seeker would be inventing hit/her own juicy stories to tell and to appear on the front pages of the media for that bit of fame.


Wally Buffet said...

Can you ever imagine what life is like in boring Singapore without a Rony or a Jacko to spice up the place now and then? Gives us the gusto to wake up every morning wanting to know more and for the more articulate to contribute our two cents worth to the sordid affairs.

Everyone has a dark side. Two things will decide whether it's a mountain or a molehill. One, your so called status and two, whether you are stupid enough to invite attention and be discovered. All men especially the older ones hanker for young flesh and fresh faces. It's all about opportunity and affordability. No crow, if it still has fire down below will pass up a chance to eat up the swan. So it is naive to think that a leopard will change its spots.

The price you pay for being well known is sometimes more than you bargained for. Being in a straightjacket in so far as your personal freedom is concerned is not a far fetched comparison.

Ok, time to gallivant. See you guys tomorrow morning.

Anonymous said...

It's sleaze, all sleaze and nothing but sleaze when it comes to the entertainment industry. The sleazier the better.

Our society, like the West, is going to the dogs as well.

And sleaze, like greed, is going to be the next good thing.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Because of a religious basis fro most cultures, sex is a taboo, but it is necessary for the perpetuation of the species. Damn, a contradiction which religions have never been comfortable about, and yet jump through hoops and proclaim all sorts of "rules" to give sex a "free pass" only, and specifically limited to producing offpring.

The idea that sex can be enjoyable is summarily judged as "evil" and "unwholesome".

A generally accepted definition of "infidelity" is when a person has sex with someone else other than their legal spouse, without the expressed consent of their spouse. In simple everyday gutter parlance: They fuck someone else behind their wife or husband's back."

To intelligent non-religious people, this is simple cheating, to the bonehead religious folks, it is against god's laws to have fun having sex. Fucking someone else behind your spouse's back is definitely not for procreation -- it is 100% for sheer selfish, indulgent F U N , and people who do so go staright to hell.

Every modern society in the world has this attitude toward sex based on past mediaeval beliefs from which laws and social mores evolved. Therefore "infidelity" is always seen as "dirty" and the people who do it are thus "dirty people". (as an aside, I put fun first when it comes to sex. I therefore qualify as a "dirty guy", possible a "dirty old man". However regular readers will be aware of my attitude when it comes to judgement through the compact of religious dogma :-) )

Another over-hang from religion which pervades human societies today is the idea of self righteousness. People tend to overestimate their moral rectitude and therefore are extremely quick to judge their fellow man, especially when their fellow man's “transgressions” are displayed in graphic detail by our friends in the media. Nothing sells them papers and magazines – bringing in those gazillions in advertising revenue – than a steamy story of a famous golfer swinging “woody” club nailing birdies with holes-in-one (or two or three).

So to sum up:

1 People are hung up about sex (roots: religion)

2 People are self-righteous and judgemental of others (roots: religion)

3 People can't wait for more news on someone else being caught with their pants down – aka kay-poh kia (roots: religion)

4 People love to gossip and comment about it (roots: boredom, lack of purpose and a shallow existence, sheer stupidity... parent root: religion)

Anonymous said...

interesting article I read a couple of day ago on ST http://www.straitstimes.com/BreakingNews/Singapore/Story/STIStory_501270.html

everything west, value, culture and lifestyle is gooooood, is that why eastern values are being shed? Just recently Chinese govt is proposing ban on eating of dogs and cats, why??? are eastern traditions baaad? we must keep our eastern values and traditions and copy good ones from west.

Anonymous said...

correction on ST article address

"Don't be a Western wannabe "

Anonymous said...

correction on ST aricle link
"Don't be a Western wannabe"

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The east and west have their good and bad things. We should not only keep the east stuff and pick the good of the west. We must discard east stuff that are bad as well.

Many things, including philosophies and religions, and govt, have their goodness and their badness. We may criticise the bad, and that doesn't mean we reject all the goodness.

But the silly buggers would react negatively when people criticised them for a small wart and ignored the fact that they are still good and accepted as a whole.

undertaker said...

I believe the recent Jack and Wendy saga would not have climaxed if the infidelity was better managed.
It became a big problem when one party decided to raise the stakes.

If we look at Tiger Woods,
none of those women accused him of making empty promises in return for sex, none said he was a cheap-skate and not least, none showed up at his doorstep.

Frankly, the men can blame it on the genes and high testosterone and
the smarter women understand this.

Wally Buffet said...

Comparing Tiger and our own cheapskate is like comparing a BMW with a Nissan.

One just behaved like a successful person would. I have a feeling the women just flung themselves at him whether for the thrill or money.

The other made use of his so called employer power and seniority to cower the girls into submission. You want a role or fame? Do as I want you to. This is evil. It is not much better if the ladies were bound and raped. Everyday, in every office, this form of sexual subterfuge is termed sexual harassment in the workplace. Few are prosecuted not because it is legit but rather, the victims would just want to forget about the whole sorry episode.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The values and lifestyle of people have changed so much from our parents or grandparents days. They used to stuff people into pig cages and dumped them into the river or the sea.

Today it is part and parcel of life. Some even glorify the new lifestyle.

Ok, some religions still consider it a sin and those committing it will go to hell. 90% of Europeans and Americans would surely be in hell, and having a greater time making themselves happy.

People should not make too much of an issue of such lifestyle anymore. Maybe the media should be restrained from such reportings and sensationalisation. Let it be sorted out as private matters.

Ban the reporting of such matters like banning chewing gum: )

Wally Buffet said...

You can't sweep dirt under the carpet.

The contamination it engenders may just harm yours and mine children or grandchildren.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

In a working relation, maybe it can be classified as harrassment. To offer someone a bait, without pointing a gun at the person's head, it is just an inducement.

Remember Jiang Ziyi, the old fisherman who fished without a hook? The willing will take the hook voluntarily.

The two situations are varsely different. The latter is willing buyer willing seller.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

It's a brave new world wally. We are dinosaurs.

undertaker said...

LOL. You are right Wally, about comparing our cheapskate with Tiger. The only thing is that I drive Cefiro, so maybe China's Cherry compared to BMW :)
Also sadly our cheapskate used the wife as shield.

Redbean, when it concerns reporting on infidelity, infamy, etc, the MSM has to keep pace with the internet or end up like a dinosaur and it was not too long ago, I felt like one at my place of work, with all the breath taking changes. However in many other aspects, dinosaurs like us have the edge.

Anonymous said...

I never expect PBM Jack to believe in retribution. Didn't he confess? That should clear his sins.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

We need to keep up with the new trends in morality: )

Wally Buffet said...

More Jackos will appear.

Anonymous said...

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