New immigrants for Civil Defence

40 years ago, when I walked the streets of London, I could pick up a newspaper and threw 2 shillings into a box and walked away. No one was there to guard the money. Today, I don't think we can leave newspapers on our streets and expect people to drop money into it and the money still remains there for the rightful owner at the end of the day. We are affluent and may not think too much of a couple of dollars. Would any newspaper vendor dare to do this? Would anyone dare to ask foreign workers to look after their homes when they are away on holiday? There could be some exceptions and pre conditions. I would not. I would not even invite them to my home to familiarise themselves with what is inside my home, with extremely rare exceptions of course. If we can farm the guarding of our homes and country to foreigners, we don't need citizen soldiers. I cannot imagine if security guard agencies are still hiring ex convicts or people with criminal records to be guards.


Wally Buffet said...

In China, security guards at shopping complexes are big, burly and attentive. Anyone thinking of criminal activities sure better think twice. I need to mention that they are young too. No one over the age of 40.

Here, our security guards look as if the agency went recruiting from an old folk's home. Some bent double. Some cannot even see further than 1 metre. I met one who is even deaf! WTF.
Anyone with criminal intent is sure gonna walk away unscathed.

Seriously, I have no quarrels with importing young able bodied personnel as security guards if what we have is all we've got. Heck, in tumultuous times, who do you think is guarding all the vital areas? Gurkhas commanded by a British Officer!

Robert Tan said...

Er....maybe I'm not the only chicken...put the foreigners in the front line and the rest hide behind....Tsk! Tsk!

Wally Buffet said...

Say what you like about the US. Their soldiers don't chicken out if there is a problem to iron out.

That's why they fly body bags home by the thousands from Irag and Afghanistan.

There is nothing like a professional soldier. I'm sure you're a conscript Robbie.

Robert Tan said...

Yup, maybe best not to place too much reliance on conscripts - might run away at the first sign of trouble and leave the chicks exposed, eh?

Maybe we can consider following Wally's example, keep one eye constantly at the hole dug under the tent and one other eye "elsewhere" - better not farm out to any security guards from the old folks home lest they accidentally shoot the wrong (or should it be the right?) guy because of poor eye-sight. Tsk! Tsk!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Singaporeans are so trusting. In the bible there is a chapter where Jacob and his tribes were invited to feast with another tribe. In the middle of the night, they slaughter the whole tribe and took their all their wealth and women as slaves.

solo bear said...

Wally, US soldiers are killed because of their incompetence, not for their bravery or valour.

FYI, US uses contract soldiers too. Blackwater.

Redbean, you seem to have forgotten the Gurkhas did a good job for us - until the great Mat Alamak Selamat escape.

Wally Buffet said...

Yup, Singaporeans are trusting, gullible, soft hearted and an ignoramus when it comes to financial matters.

Field day for the cons and crooks to come back with their newly disguised structured derivative products soon. I forgot to add Singaporeans have very short memories too!

Robert Tan said...

Though there are some benefits certain jobs to foreigners, should be careful we don't too carried away in farming out everything.

Just because some locals don't want to do certain jobs, doesn't ALWAYS mean it's a good idea to farm these jobs out. Just because it's "cheaper" to farm out certain jobs, this doesn't mean that it's ALWAYS a good idea to farm out these jobs. Just because others can do the job better, it's not ALWAYS a good idea to farm out these jobs.

Sometimes, like it or not, we shouldn't ALWAYS delegate or farm out. We need to exercise common sense and good judgement - maybe something that is sometimes easier said than done.

Thanks for the invite Wally, still too shy to come out of hiding. I have no doubts that your tent is the best in the neighbourhood - after all, it belongs to the emperor! Now I realise why that housing agent was so keen to find out if it's for sale..... Tsk! Tsk!

Jaunty Jabber said...

Some "real criminals" have no criminal record as they are too skilled or have been lucky all the time, never get caught.

Matilah_Singapura said...

> If we can farm the guarding of our homes and country to foreigners, we don't need citizen soldiers. <

Do you catch your own food? Do you make your own watch? Do you write your own software and build your own computer and all its components?

Right. Other people do it for you, and you pay them. All the above are known as "economic goods" -- their creation and distribution is "out sourced" to enterprises so that you can readily have these things.

Similarly defense and protection is also an economic good. And the best provider of economic goods is the private market.

So yes, foreigners can be paid to defend the people -- Ghurkas defend The Divine Emperor Lee -- he sets the example by trusting foreign militants rather than the local SAF and police.

Follow your emperor's lead lah.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The famous martial art exponents, Huo Yuan Jia was poisoned by foreigners whom he trusted.

We lost two of our bright sons in Sydney because of a new citizen.

I rather trust my own citizens, some may be devils, but a known devil better than an unknown god.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Mr Bean; You seem genuinely in total belief that SIN is indeed a property of the locals.
Forget about its' defensibility, just protect your family and yourself lah.