Najib calling Malaysians to return home

Najib is putting his neck on the chopping block by calling for a change in govt policies, from favouring Malays to helping the poor. It is a fundamental shift to give a kick start to the stalled Malaysian economy but at the same time compromising on the position of Malay supremacy. This line of policy could undermine his position as the PM when the ultras make their war cry. And with Mahathir showing his true blue ultraism, Najib will come under strong pressure and may be ousted from power. So what now? Even if Najib is genuine, how long could he last? One term, half term or two terms? What next when another ultra takes over the premiership? The problem with Malaysia is the inconsistency of govt positions and the tendency to revert to extreme racist policies. Whatever Najib or any new PM may want to steer the country towards a fairer and more progressive system, there is a stronger underlying current that will threaten to derail it. Would any successful professional Malaysians take the bait and return home to rebuild a new Malaysia? I think this is far fetched. Malaysians, what are your views?


Anonymous said...

Haha, after giving them the cold shoulder by depriving those talented minorities with scholarships, will these people now return home?

Even if they do, they will be most likely be working under someone less talented but racially favoured earlier.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

A compromise solution to Malaysia's talent pool is to give govt scholarships to bumiputras to read govt and public administration and prepare them for political leadership or be heads of ministries.

Then for technical and professional scholarships, offer them to the best candidates regardless of race. You cannot make a good doctor, scientist or engineer out of candidates who could barely pass their O and A levels. It is sheer waste of national resources and talents.

And worst, if you don't employ the talented into technical fields that they are good at but instead replaced them with mediocre candidates based on race, that is a sure formula for self destruct.

Every bumiputra can become a Mahathir or a PM, or a minister, but not everyone can become a good doctor, scientist, engineer etc etc.

Pending said...

Good'ay Mr Chua,

Please view this clip by AlJazeera on Youtube this is the reality of Malaysia, your neighbour.


A racial bigot tries to explain why i'm considered a 'pendatang' in my own country. He explains that his race has forgiven the lot of us and that we owe him FCUK ALL!!..

Cheers :L

Anonymous said...

They have already self-destruct. It will take at least another twenty/thirty years to correct the situation.

And it is not just the racial problem, there is the problem of tackling the English Language issue from scratch, without which progress is all but an illusion based on hope.

As you can see, countries like Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, once the backwaters of Asean, are now powering ahead. Malaysia will slowly stagnate and fall behind.

Anonymous said...

Everytime someone tries to make thing a little fairer for a start, there is never short of many others pouring cold water, sarcasms to the effort.

Another lot will say without the English Language, the World will not progress and improve etc. Where the wisdom for such thinking? Philippinoes are mostly well versed in the English/American Langauge, is Philippines better than other countries.

The Japanese, Taiwanese, German, French and now China, India and Indonesia are doing very well economically and which of these countries depended/depend on English to have their vibrant cultures and economic progresses. PLEASE STOP MISGUIDING OTHERS AND SUCKING TO ALIEN CULTURES.


STOP USURPING YOUR VERY OWN ROOTS WHATEVER RACE YOU ARE. Selling your own soul for money is not worthy of encouragement.

Me, a Chinese by the way.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I would agree with Anon 5:05 that language is not the sole problem and may not necessary be the problem. Language is a tool and English is a useful tool to acquire knowledge. Many countries do not need English to progress, and many countries have English but failed to progress. India benefitted from retaining the English Language as a tool for communication, learning, business and govt.

Would retaining English help in Malaysia? It may. Malaysia could still progress without English.

What went wrong?

Matilah_Singapura said...

I'm not a conspiracy theorist. However in the brutal winner takes all arena of politics one can rest assured that politicians make statements to ensure their popularity and therefore secure their position or enhance (i.e. "value-add") it.

Because looking into the heart and mind of another person is an impossible task to perform consistently and accurately (even the law courts can't do it) it is therefore unrealistic to judge the reasons behind motivations or to judge whether a person is being sincere or not. If you are close to the other party, then calling it is a lot easier, but you still never ever know another person -- even those you are close to 100%. You can still be wrong, and often we are, hence occasional "misunderstandings" between close friends or family.

I'm calling "bullshit" on this. Just saying something doesn't make it true -- whether from the political podium or the papal pulpit.

Anonymous said...

Yep ! The French, Italian, German and many other neighbours of England have little or no affinity with the English Language or English Culture.
they are performing far better than the British.

The Orientals who feel superior jus because they know some English(Language), high time to wake up their silly ideas !

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

So what's wrong with Malaysia? What can Malaysia do to start running again? Are the measures proposed by Najib enough to start the ball rolling?

What are the possibilities or flip flopping, back tracking, or another Mahathir coming to the throne?

What about the ultras running amok?

Wally Buffet said...

All their best brains are right here in Singapore. What is left are the dumb fucks masquerading as "professionals" in this or that.

What do the brains really have to go home to? In this global village, home is now where one is, wherever you are.

The British left them a workable system, same as they left us. Decades down the road and you can see the difference. The only good thing going for them is the land mass and the commodities and they can still con a living before the stuff runs out.

It benefits us that daily they are so obsessed with this supremacy thingy that they have neither the time nor the energy to put their minds on more pressing issues. Fighter plane engines turning up in South America, submarines that cannot dive, hehe what a freaking joke. Political subterfuge, killings and torture. How come we have Zimbabwe on our doorsteps? I thought we're in SE Asia? Here, even Mr. Selamt is treated with relatively more respect. You may say that the Government is not ideal but you sure as hell won't be tortured or disappear in the middle of the night!

1Malaysia? Not now, not ever if that country is being run like now, a cesspit.

Anonymous said...

Believing in hope is better than no hope.

But, too many hurdles to overcome really, too much benefits held by too many to be given up, and too many instances of backtracking to make people believe that this an exception.

Anonymous said...

I m a Malaysian and very proud to be one, but I feel there are many people especially those from a tiny land, very jealous of our God-given resources and good fortunes of no natural disaster and peaceful existence.

Wally Buffet said...

Yeah, sit on your "God given resources" and wait for the coconuts to drop from the trees right into your pina colada cocktail glass.

No natural disasters and peaceful co- existence? Well, I don't know much about that hombre but .....watch the video and form your own conclusions HERE. If this were to happen here in Singapore, I assure you that all hell will break loose and the perps. who did this plus all the goons who are supposed to stop it will find themselves spending a big part of their life behind bars. That's what an orderly society and peaceful co-existence means.

Jealous? Have you ever seen a magnificent stallion being jealous of a donk?


Matilah_Singapura said...

anon 526:

I won't insult you directly too much since I hold a valid Malaysian work visa :)

I do like "your" country. I cannot stand the politics -- especially those bunch of cum-gobbling shit-stains aka Ummm...No.

BTW I think your women are hot (pedas macam chilli padi).

Yum Yum.

Wally Buffet said...

People from a "tiny land" knows they are living in a fools' paradise. They grumble about it, blog about it, rant about it but mostly grin and bear with it.

People from a "God given resource" land living in a fools' paradise brag about it, knows nothing about it, get screwed left right and centre and still don't know about it, and mostly, they rave about it like an idiot.

Now who is the stallion and who is the donk.

Hehe this post is a real teaser. Haha.

Anonymous said...

At least, we Malaysian don't quarrel with our government.

Wally Buffet said...

Anon 1149,

Hehe, you're cute.

Where have you been all this while? Camping out in the Pahang jungle same as me in my tent at Changi Point?

What's a little quarrel between husband and wife. That's our relationship with our government, see?

Anonymous said...

Me watched the video and was/am aware fracas like those depicted happened/happens in Afganistan, Pakistan, India, Africa and Middle-east everyday amongst members of similar tribes. Wat's the big deal?

Singaporeans kill themselves because they are unable to cope up with livings, wat says You ? Sir.

Anonymous said...

I m the Malaysian and I like to say our leaders do not kowtow to America and the Malaysian people do not become fake angmor. We are proud to be who we are.

Quarrel by all means, don't jump down from your hdb, jump into yr mrt or worse become silly and get bullied hari hari.

Anonymous said...

Oh Singaporeans are descendants of lions, ever ready to maul or kill others even their own, they are wild. Male lions have the instinct of killing others' cubs for your infor.
See how Singaporeans snob everywhere they are, including in their hometown. Have you not meet hawkers and serving staff behaving like millionaires. Indeed, every Singaporean is millionaire if one converts their SGD to Ruppiahs and Rupees, billionaires anytime.

Have you heard their serving staff, students and others in general, exclaimed that their customers' and foreigners' english(oral) sucks! Singaporeans even overlooked the fact, that soon they will be overtakened by aliens. They forget that the youngs are refusing foods that are offered to deities by their parents and it is the same very foods that was fed to them to make them into whoever they are now. See! Singaporeans can even spike their parents and feel no sin about it Wow!

Need to say more???

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Ha, both countries have their pros and cons. And we should count on our own blessings. We make our own choices.