Myth 217 - Govt that listens to the people is good

This statement is now a myth. Good govt does not need to listen to the people. This is especially true when the govt is manned by the country's top talents and knows best what is good for the people. The high price housing policy is an excellent example of a govt that does not need to listen to the people. It is very sure that the policy is right and the best. So, despite the people's cry that public housing is unaffordable, the govt just insists that it is affordable, and moves on. In the long run, the people will learn to appreciate this high price public housing policy. And the wisdom of a govt not listening to the untalented people and just do what is right is best encripted in the story of the deaf frog that climbed to the top of the mountain. No one asks why the frog would want to go to the top of the mountain when it is more comfortable in the ponds below the mountain. Deaf frog or undeaf frog, I will vote for a frog or a donkey that listens to the people than a deaf frog that is too smart and not willing to listen to the people. For those who want to vote for deaf frogs, this is democracy and they are free to do so.


Anonymous said...


In the land of the blind, the one eye jack shines.

In the land of the deaf, the deaf out shine all.

Sui bo? Does it rhyme?

Anonymous said...

I thought they only listen, but do not hear. Now it seems, they not only do not listen, but also do not hear.

But then, slaves do not even have rights. Redbean, you are lucky you are given a right to vote, even for frogs.

Another thing I just noticed was the Asst Secretary General of NTUC telling workers that they may not even have a retirement age to look forward to.

I'll be dammed!

Matilah_Singapura said...

> Good govt does not need to listen to the people. <

No government ever listens to the people.

The government is there to garner power, wealth and influence for itself and its political masters. Thus they "listen" to the people only insofar as it helps them plot their course in social control, increasing the wealth and power of the plutocracy, and to "engineer" opinion so that they can stay in office after the next election.

The govt that listens to the people is good, but don't be hoping that that is going to happen anytime soon.

All you need to do is to read history, and the present situation in nearly every country in the world today.

Being in govt is better than being in the mafia -- because wielding power in the govt under the banner of The State is perfectly legal, and even admired by many of the gullible citizens.

Anonymous said...

Leegalized corruption some said and are saying and now a new coinage maybe in order leegislated mafia.
Uniquely SIN.