Meet Yotaro, the hottest baby in town

Yotaro has blue eyes, cute cheeks, cuddly, can smile, cry, throw tantrums, everything a baby can do. It is going to be the latest craze and will be selling like hot cakes. The Japanese has developed this Robobaby to train parents in parenting and how to take care of babies. The best part about this toy is that it can be switched off when the owners got tired of it. This is the greatest advantage over a real baby. And it will never grow up and does not have the problems, sickness and troubles that real babies will bring. I think this product will be a must have, just like internet baby craze where two young parents neglected their own baby to feed and look after an internet baby. Move aside, real babies. You are not needed nor wanted any more. What is this world turning into? Real babies nobody wants. Instead they will buy cute Robobabies, toys, dogs and pets as subsitutes to be showered with love and tender loving care.


Wally Buffet said...

If the Japanese had come out with a full functioning RoboBABE earlier, PBM Jack would not have been in this shit.

Trust me, when they do, that's the end of the mistress as we know it. Most men want the pleasure without the hassle and Jack would have whistled and be thrilled through his pistol.


Anonymous said...

Japan boleh!

Matilah_Singapura said...

Check episodes 9 & 10:

The Japanese robotics industries lead the world in humanoid/pet robots aimed for companionship and entertainment purposes. Of course Japanese robotics also deals with the "serious" stuff like industrial robots, space exploration, field robotics etc. But the public "face", if you like, is entertainment and intrigue like Aibo -- Sony's robot dog or Tamagotchi -- the "virtual" pet.

Manga, Hentai and Anime -- Japanese cartoon culture is also full of robots -- even robots which have sex :)

... and who can forget "Astro Boy" or "Ultra Man".

One of the reasons for growth of Japanese robotics in recent years is the concern about Japan's rapidly aging population.

The function of robots will be as companions and aids -- to aid the medical industries delivering services and care, and helping the human staff do their jobs: e.g.

Without robotics the Japanese do not have a future. Their medical system will be severely short staffedand the rest of their economy will suffer.

Wally: "Robot babes" are already a reality. Technically they are still not quite "robots" in the sense of possessing any autonomous control or (artificial) intelligence, but they are on the market for you to buy :) (all orifices fully functional)

Here's an mp3 from the "Robots" podcast discussing human-robot intimacy. The author was both criticised and acknowleged for his views -- which in themselves raise very interesting and uncomfortable questions.

Wally Buffet said...

On second thoughts PBM Jack would not want a RoboBABE even if all the necessary parts are functioning as if they are the real McCoy. Knowing the Japs, they probably thought of everything including the necessary groans and moans.

Why? No kick leh. Won't fight back, won't kiss and tell and won't give him a chance to arrange a press conference like Superstar Tiger did. Too submissive also no fun and probably have to plug into ac to charge or change batteries! What happens when the magic moment comes and RoboBABE just run out of juice? Cannot claim warranty because the Japs don't want to be sued until the company goes bankrupt. They made sure of that in the fine prints that comes with the manual.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Wally, you are spot on with your predictions --

Anonymous said...

After the Americans woke up, the Japanese will follow.
Those with scant respects for blood sweat and flesh will lose their humanities.
These buggers are creating an artificial world.