Khaw Boon Wan is a good man

Khaw Boon Wan acknowledged in Parliament that the Medisave is our money. And he is there to guard and protect our money. I say very good. Just guard the money and make sure it is safe. But don't have any more designs to take more money from the people to guard. It is too huge a sum and too big a responsibility. Don't ask for more. there is enough money for him to guard already. We are talking about hundreds of billions of dollars in prison. Also, good man don't keep thinking of taking other people's money without their consent, and to keep it away from the people till death do they part.


Wally Buffet said...

Don't worry lah. Your money in the Medisave is in good hands.

Besides it pays more interest than the banks.

CPF is safer than Banks.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Does allowing more to be deducted going to be followed by an increase in hospital charges? This will make the increase affordable.

Just curious!

Anonymous said...

He is the best(goodest) man heaven can have.

Me rests my case.

Anonymous said...

A good man will use his own money to help people. Or if he is a national leader, will use the state's money to help people, like $300 pm under the public assistance scheme.

Taking people's money without their consent is daylight robbery.

Anonymous said...

A good man, but he was led astray and join the dark side.