Indian graduate school as good as American's best

Singaporeans not good enough: Temasek offered 110k – 130k USD per annum to fresh Indian IIM-B graduates All 270 students from the 2010 batch of the post-graduate programme (PGP) of the Indian Institute of Management-Bangalore (IIM-B) have been placed in just five days since the opening of the process. IIM-B also claims to have completed the final placements ahead of all other IIMs.As many as 120 reputable firms from and outside the country – from both the traditional and emerging sectors like healthcare and energy – visited the institute during the placement period.Fifteen new companies took part in the placements this year, recording a 41 per cent increase from last year.Prominent among the new entrants were: AT Kearney, Alvarez & Marsal, Bain & Co, Booz & Co, Diamond Consulting, Nomura and Temasek Holdings.Nomura is reported to have made the highest offer of Rs80 lakh per annum for the role of vice president finance in an international location. Temasek Holdings offered Rs50-60 lakh per annum. The students have accepted as many as 15 international offers from companies including Nomura, Temasek, P&G, Enzen, Arvin Meritor and UAE Exchange. About 45 women in the batch accepted offers in sectors, like investment banking, consulting and PE. In the lateral placements held for students with two years of work experience, 30 companies made recruitments. A total of 66 offers were received by the students in lateral placement as compared to 50 offers last year. The above article was copied from Transitioning.org. I am pleasantly surprised to see an Asian graduate school commanding such high respect from around the world. Good for India. Singaporean post grad students should enrol in the school instead of American Univ or our local Univ. Then they can be courted and be paid better salaries than our local post grads. I just hope it is not another case of unthinking blind followers following the crowd like queueing for MacDonald toys.


Wally Buffet said...

I am advising my grandchildren to emigrate to India, become Indians and enroll in this prestigious Indian graduate school as it is the happy hunting ground for all the world's blue chip organizations.

They are obviously teaching their students something that all the other graduate schools aren't. It's the same with food. The ingredients are the same but the way and the methodology of mixing and cooking these ingredients makes a world of difference to the the taste.

I am happy for this school, happy that graduates of an Asian graduate school is so sought after. Reminds me too of all those El Stupidos queuing for plastic toys at the JUNK food chain.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Well it is wonderful that these graduates can "command" such pay scales.

Only time will tell if the employers made the right decision.

At the end of the day it is how much money is made by the enterprised based on your decisions as the hiring manager.

If you pay 120k per year to someone, that decision has cost you money up to the point when that person actually exceeds the amount he has cost, plus the costs of retaining him, and the opportunity cost of not hiring someoneelse if he fails to live up to expectation.

So if these corporations make money because of their choice to hire these grads, very good -- it's "win win and win again" all round -- company makes money, grads earn bonuses, shareholders smile and the tertiary institute gains a better reputation.

So go ahead, pay these people. Now it is up to them to deliver. Only time will tell.

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Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I must say the Indians are doing a fantastic jobs in the banking industry. Pandit is heading Citigroup, there is one heading DBS, and many many more are heading American and European banks, including UBS.

Well done.

The recruitment of Temasek must be part of their succession plan as it is now a major shareholder in many big international banks. So recruiting from Bangalore and eventually move them to head these banks is a logic move.

Wally Buffet said...


Sure they may have invented the zero but they are also very adept in many other areas of esoteric brain work. There will be one more big con before the world's financial system really collapses and scapegoats and standins are needed much as the loan sharks use runners to take the fall.

So, if anyone you know missed the boat and not got recruited, don't fret, maybe it's a blessing in disguise.

Anonymous said...

The Angmohs were hired and then fired with hefty compensations. It was not a case of competent or talented angmohs but silly Sinnerporeans who (mis)took the angmohs for gods.

Anonymous said...

The Angmohs were hired and then fired with hefty compensations. It was not a case of competent or talented angmohs but silly Sinnerporeans who (mis)took the angmohs for gods.