High quality debate in Parliament

The Speaker of Parliament, Abdullah Tarmugi, thanked the MPs and Ministers for their high quality contributions and debate in the House. He said it was the best session he had seen in his 26 years in Parliament. Chua Mui Hoong in her article in the ST this morning lamented that if the MPs and Ministers would just speak instead of reading from scripted pieces of papers, Parliament seatings will be that much more livelier and interesting. Our Parliament has been turned into an exercise of reading essays. The questions were written and submitted in advance for the Ministers to reply. They will then be read out in Parliament and the Ministers will then read out their replies. Was there any debate at all? Maybe thanks should also be given to the ghost writers for their contributions to the quality of the essays. I wonder how many of the essays read out in Parliament were written by the ghost writers. I think I can offer my ghost writing services too, with full confidentiality of course, at a small fee.


Wally Buffet said...

Jacko's press conference was all of 3 friggin' minutes but it sure beats listening to 30 boring minutes of script reading.

I am sure there is a thriving speech writing business going on. The style of "debate" is almost similar to the point that one guy, who is laughing all the way to the bank, is debating with himself.

I prefer reading the Straight Times' reports rather than watching the telly. At least I save some electricity what with the current power tariffs going up again with oil prices at 82 US$ a barrel. Also, I can relax my eyes without looking at all the jokers sounding so sincere that I may just throw in the towel and get convinced totally and absolutely.......


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Wally, you are so easily influenced meh?

Anonymous said...

Really no need to watch or read about the debates.

Every sitting is like going to the house of God and the congregation's intention is to praise God. It's regimental.

undertaker said...

Have to agree with anonymous.

One more thing, the PAP buggers try to outdo each other praising their god, except that god was not around this time for the live performance.....he is bored.

Another thing is for Tarmugi to watch some of the live debates by our JC students to understand the meaning of high quality.

Frankly what else to expect ?
A bunch of PAP morons reading from scripts and another moron chairing the parliament sitting thinks it is a great show.

Anonymous said...

It is all just wayang shows. Yes-men reading from pre-prepared scripts and well rehearsed replies all for the consuption of Sheeples. What a miserable lots you sheeples are!!! To have lived with this for the last 45 years beggers belief. Show your guts in the next GE and maybe you will gain a little international respect. Until then, don't bitch too much, you deserve the govt you vote for.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The best part is that the minister's answers are always the best and the perfect. After a minister has answered, all doubts or misgivings were cleared, no need further questions.

Or the proceedings do not allow follow up questions on the perfect answers?

Anonymous said...

Follow up questions on the perfect answer?

The questions asked are pre-prepared and the answers too. Beyond that, of course they do not know how to ask further questions. The scriptwriter will not allow. Anyway, don't expect them to use their initiatives. Most are back-door politicians, not the true blue fighters like Jayeratnam, Siew Choh and Francis Seow.

In any case, they already put in place rules to defang any would be Siew Choh from giving a piece of his mind.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Singapore parliament is too orderly.

I like parliament to be rowdy and chaotic -- like Taiwan, Japan and Korea.

Now those folks know how to "get their message across" :-)

I would love to see our fancy overpaid ministers hammer and wallop each other when debates degenerate into brawls.

Fuck, I want my money's worth in enetertainment.

Anonymous said...

When they are paid so much, walloping each other in Parliament may not be worthwhile. They could lose their job.

That is essentially the problem! Too much at stake.

Wally Buffet said...


I like to hear Mr. Low or Mr. Chiam use some unparliamentary language.

Am I expecting too much from these staid gentlemen?

Cannot fantasize meh?