Has PAP lost Tampines?

Did he break? No, he didn't. Yes he did. Watching Mah Bow Tan defending his housing policy in Parliament, this question kept popping up. Under the spotlight, subject to criticisms from many quarters, he stood tall in Parliament, telling the house that his policy is the best, his BTO scheme is the best, his land sale system is the best, and there are enough supply of flats for everyone. He also dismissed all the complaints as myths. It seems that the whole wide world is telling myths and he is telling the truth. He forgot to smile to the camera last night. Public housing has been the strongest pillar of support for the PAP. The people were happily housed in affordable and good quality housing. Why is it that there are so many people crying and complaining about the housing policy today? No, no one is complaining. The complainants are making a mountain out of a mole hill. There are plenty of public housing available. There are also enough supply of private housing, if you have the money. There are two possibilities. The complaints are genuine and the complaints are false. If Mah Bow Tan is right, then the complaints are mere noises and nothing to worry about. If the complaints are genuine, they may have already lost Tampines GRC before the election is called. How could the PAP lead if it refuses to listen? There are public outcries and it is turning on a deaf ear. Can PAP rely on the motto of a deaf frog to lead the people? The deaf frog could reach the top of the mountain, but alone. His team mates could have left him long ago. Or they could be trembling and shivering in their pants or skirts while watching the gungho deaf frog charging fearlessly up the mountain, alone. Maybe this is a new kind of leadership, the leadership of a deaf frog.


Wally Buffet said...

Mr. "Money Not Enough" lost some fans according to newspaper reports.

The chances of the incumbent losing Tampines is much less than the Film Director's loss of more fans who stupidly it seems, looked up to him or is it a "her". Yup, that's how he started. Impersonating an old woman with the pseudonym Liang Po Po.That performance was another "switch off the TV" kick in the butt for me way back years ago.

Anonymous said...

ST reported that MBT changed his specs to his old golden rim. looks like he wants a makeover to appeal to voters

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I think he looks more dashing with his thick black frame.

Anonymous said...

How could he not be the best development minister in the world when his pay said so?

Anonymous said...

How could he not be the best national development minister when his pay is the highest in the world for that position?

He is the best there was, the best there is and the best there will be.

So help us God!

Anonymous said...

Me lives in Tampines and i love watching liang po po.
i am very sure Mah Bow Tan and Mr Liang will have more fans from now as they gain more publicity through the good works of the medias, blogs included.
Good or bad publicity is always good advertisement for any protagonist.

Anonymous said...

He says that he has gone through hardships when young but he does not seem to understand the hardships of the people here now. Is he getting old and forgetfull?
Earlier when he was minister of communications he raised House Telephone fees, than Transport fees, ERP, now Housing fees. Next what other fees, if he is voted in again. He has the record as FEE COLLECTOR MINISTER. Very Scary!