A good policy is a good policy

Hsien Loong revealed that certain groups have sent emails to pressurise the govt to lower property prices and threatened not to support the govt in the next general election. And it is likely that these people are going to benefit or profit from lower HDB prices. The only people I see that could benefit from lower HDB prices are those that were caught gasping for air when HDB prices galloped away. With so many govt help and subsidy schemes, this aggrieved group should be very small. The group that are going to benefit more with high HDB prices and should be pushing the govt would be owners of HDB flats. Then they can sell them at huge profits and migrate to somewhere cheaper. Beach camps are also a good alternative. Hsien Loong’s main message is that people should not pressure the govt to act in any way. This is a sure fail tactic. The govt will probably stick to its gun no matter how well meaning or logical is the course to take. It is better to write to Reach and make a genuine plea, and the govt will listen better. It even gives awards to good contributors. The high price HDB policy is going to stay. It is the best policy that benefits all flat owners. And buyers can be assured of getting their flats in 3 years instead of 7 years. And the govt believe so, and will likely to be campaigning for this policy in the next general election. They have to after Mah Bow Tan and HDB have so successfully defended this position and turning around will be self defeating. The govt’s view is firm. Whether the people believe so, or some people believe so and some don’t, let this be the election issue to be decided by the votes. Let there be no pressure but a contest of ideas. Those who believe that this policy is good and the way to go, continue to vote for the govt that is promoting it. Those who don’t agree can vote otherwise. It is just a govt’s position and policy.


Wally Buffet said...

You addressed our esteemed prime minister by calling him "Hsien Loong".

Walau, you seem to have friends in high places. Poor me, living in a tent at the end of Changi Point has no such luck. Can you kindly ask "Hsien Loong" not to send so many park wardens to come after me? After all, I'm just an eccentric old man trying to live out the remaining years of my life in congenial surroundings at minimum cost. Please?

Talking about tents and park wardens. What he said about HDB owners milking their flats, spending their money and then camping out at the beach is really true. My neighbour in the park, A just sold his flat in Kaki Bukit. Bought himself an MPV, a real mean looking machine. Went for holidays in Surabaya, Malaysia and Australia. Invested in properties in Johore but at the recent financial crisis went broke, sold his car, now homeless and have to camp here. A website written by troublemakers with nothing better to do labeled A as the "have nots" and made a big deal about people like him camping out at public parks. What hogwash. A blames himself for not being able to manage his finances properly, not investment savvy and milking his hdb home for a taste of the good life. A is consoled by the fact that the HDB is now building more rental flats in double quick time and he hopes to live the simple life again with a second chance.

See? Never believe easily what you read on the net.

Anonymous said...

No doubt at all that Hsien Loong and his men have good ideas to formulate policies. That said; he and his cabinet should be happy that they are blessed with a very enlightened citizenry.

It will be very lamentable and regrettable if the leaders do not know how to tap the wisdoms of their subjects. Worse if the leaders ignore and legislate policies that alienate the people.
Woes betide the chief that never respect his men.

Anonymous said...

Here, not men, but sheeps. So, no problem, just do the 'right thing'.