The disappearing Act

I wonder how many of you watch the clips on Parliament shown on TV. I have a hard time trying to spot my favourite MPs as it flashed quite rapidly and often only showed a small section of the floor. It is very rare that one has the chance to see the whole house and all the MPs. And also, on a daily basis, the same few faces would appear again and again What happens to those that don't appear at all? There are some MPs that appear to be on perpetual leave, or the camera just refused to look at them. Blame it on the camera man huh.


Anonymous said...

there's one MP who have been absent for a long,long time and have not attended MPS either.

reminds me of a Ming dynasty emperor who doesn't attend court session for many years.

Anonymous said...

Some are on perpetual leave, some on sick leave and some, being immortals, are on celestial leave.

Give them a break. will ya!

Anonymous said...

Many MPs are Board Members of many Companies; so long as they meet their constituents to help the latter, good enough lah.

After all, they will only ask questions that are already screened and approved.

Hate to see them sleeping during Budget Debates.

Anonymous said...

Better not to be around than to be around just parroting and apple polishing.

Wonder who is Redbean's favourite MP though. Must also be a bean.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

We are all human beans, red, blue, green or yellow. Some beans think they are better than other beans: )

But that's life.