The correct definition of Productivity

There have been too many confusing definitions of Productivity. Some believe that Productivity means up skill, re skill, multi skill, be cheaper, better and faster. These are myths. We have been doing all these for so many years but our Productivity remains flat. I think my definition to increase price like my char kway teow example is better. And some workers think that slogging longer hours, work harder or staying longer in the office to show the boss are equivalent to higher productivity. Here is the correct version by Amy Khor. Productivity = doing more but in the same timespan or less. She forgot to post her credential as an example of what is higher productivity. She is MP, Mayor, Chairman of Reach, Chairman of countless committees, Advisors to countless committees, her own profession, and maybe, I am not sure, directors of some companies. And she did that within her 24 hours a day like everyone of us. Now that is productivity, doing more in the same timespan. So those office workers who stay behind to slog late into the night, please think again. You are very unproductive, doing the same amount of work or a little more, but taking so much time. And those who are still thinking of multi skill and mult tasking, please do it within the same timespan or less. Now I can see the brilliance and productivity of people who are directors of many companies. The more directorships or chairmanship the more productive.


Wally Buffet said...


There two kinds of people here. The super talented, super time managers and the slackers like most and me. Me especially. Takes me a whole day to read the god damned Straight Times including all the advertisements on after CNY sales!

Matilah_Singapura said...

Another idiot living from the stolen funds of the citizenry (taxes) with over-priced overseas "qualifications" who intends to manufacture a qualitative definition whilst ignoring the hard numbers.

How to define productivity: look at the numbers. Accountancy 101.

Anonymous said...

She must learn from the Chinese Culture.
The Chinese would like to enjoy living to the fullest purpose of being and therfore productivity should be interpreted as how much one enjoys in life.
Rest be assured that ther is ample proof of productivity of the Chinese; just do a head count of the Race.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

There were calls for creative productivity. The char kway teow man can.

I would suggest to our steak houses to sell Kobe Beef Singapore style and charge double the current price. We can feed the cows here. But we can soak the steak in beer overnight and create value in it. Can right?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Forget to add. Anyone raising price just to fleece the consumers is a robber.

Anonymous said...

Redbean, have you figured out what is the PAP's version of 'subsidy for HDB flats' and 'affordabllity of HDB flats' yet?

If not, it is the same with 'productivity'. Just continue to figure out.