Another silly article to ridicule China

There is another China bashing article in mypaper today by a Ben Blanchard. He asserted that China's military might is only good on paper and questioned whether they are real or can work. He suggested that most of them would not work especially the missile system but then contradicted himself by quoting how China shot down its own dysfunctional satellite in space. And he laughed at how China handled the Sichuan earthquake as bad in joint operations. He forgot to compare it with how well the Americans handled the Katrina flood. A piece of exemplary joint operations! And he boasted about the US being battled hardened and experienced as they were engaged in two massive military operations in Iraq aand Afghanistan while China had not been in full battle for three decades. The last time was, he claimed, a bloodied nose from Vietnam. He forgot that the Vietnamese drove the mighty and experienced Americans out of their country while the Chinese drove them back from their borders to Hanoi. Who got bashed? To be sure China is still far off in comparative strength from the Americans. And he questioned China's ability to threaten the Americans. But that is not the intent of China. China does not seek to threaten the US. Only the US seeks to threaten everyone, including China, and use war as a means to seek control and supremacy over other nations. What China seeks is simply to deter the aggressive intent of the Americans and to ensure that should any war breaks out between the two, there will be many American boys and girls going home in black plastic bags. Yes, a full blown war will see the US blowing China into pieces a 100 times over. But China needs only to blow the US into pieces, one time over. That is good enough. China had fought the US before, and triumphed. They drove the US soldiers from the Yalu River to the 38th parallel with outdated rifles while the Americans were using air power and heavy weapons. China need not have the same high tech and leading edge weapons to defeat the US in a conventional war. It has proven it could do it, in Korea and in a proxy war in Vietnam. Would the US dare to take on China believing that China's military is all paper only?


Wally Buffet said...

He and GN share a big similarity in Singapore bashing. Both have big big chips on their shoulders. Now he is into China bashing. Ah well, nothing new with these western journalists.

Yup, he conveniently forgot that the Americans with their devastating fire power lost the war in Vietnam and had to make a retreat with it's tail between it's legs. What ignominy!
Like I said before, China ain't Iraq or Afghanistan and HJT ain't Saddam.

He forgot too that China had a long history of warfare dating back from the days of the first emperor, Qinshihuangdi. And even now, Sun Tzu's Art of War is required reading for all senior American military officers.

At the exponential rate with which China is progressing in military hardware, the day is not far off when it will surpass the US in terms of numbers and superiority.

Before China decides to crush the Americans, they better withdraw their 3 trillion $@#$ worth of Junk Bonds first and invest the whole lot in Russia preceding an economic invasion and that will make China, the largest and THE most powerful country in the world...........


JeffGoh said...

He forgets that China can cripple USA military might by shooting down the American satellites.

You are so right, China is not the aggressor - US is. Just watch USA will follow the path of the once great British Empire - coming soon

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The most belligerent power, the biggest arms merchant, the biggest armoury, the most WMD, starting and fighting the most wars, and go around accusing other countries of aggressive intent, and branding countries as axis of power. And it is in its war plans to use nuclear weapons against any country. It has done so before and will do so again.

Now the best part, all its allies and gangs of mafias believe that the USA is the most friendly and peaceful power.

And welcome to the blog JeffGoh.

Anonymous said...

america can't even handle taleban and they want to take on china?

Anonymous said...

The Americans are not good in fighting a prolonged war. Thus their defeat in Vietnam. Their weapons superiority can only be advantages in the initial stages, after that they are at a lost as to how to handle guerrilla warfare. Thus their stagnation in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Both countries know that any initial strike cannot completely cripple the other because of their size, and the fact that not all missile sites are in one location. They could be based offshore in submarines, which can be used in any counterstrike. So, each are wary of the other and that is good.

Well, what we read may just be plain propaganda pieces, put there just to test the reaction, nothing more.

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Anonymous said...

The Chinese will love America no matter what.

There will be more Chinese heading for the USA, I dare bet on that.

Americans are lovely people, not quite like Mr Bean thinks.

They(American Leaders) have been crusading in the past, however materialism has made the average American more interested in enjoying life than fighting wars, which of course everyone knows is stupid.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Thanks Atul and welcome to the blog.