Another shark in the pond

Goldman Sach is now a full clearing member of SGX. Is it good news or bad news for the small investors? We have seen how the stock markets have been transformed into a casino without the stringent rules governing casinos. We have seen how the odds have changed into a vicious cycle where the big hedge funds have huge unfair advantages over the small investors. Now Goldman Sach is in our water. Would this shark gang up with all the other sharks to eat the small fishes or would it fight with the other sharks for a share of the pie? Would it make things worst for the small investors?


Anonymous said...

Soon the pond will run out of fishes and the shark(s) will be starved. And maybe there are harpoons waiting for them(sharks) too.

Wally Buffet said...

I welcome Godman Shark.

More liquidity in the market.


Greed Is Good!

Anonymous said...

Gourmet Shark must have seen the manner in which the rulers of this place showering so much care for big businesses that they cannot but move in for the kill.

Greed is good.