How many casinos is enough?

One casino licence has been issued to Resorts World Sentosa. Marina Bay Sands should be getting theirs in no time. Would the two casinos be enough to satisfy the gambling urge of the Singaporean gamblers. And to include the Toto, 4D, Football Pool and Turf Club, I think we should have enough gambling instruments and organisations to please everyone in need of pleasing. With Singaporean gamblers now spoilt for choices, maybe it is high time that MAS take a more serious view of the financial industry, including banking and the stock market, to reduce or remove the gambling elements in them. The banking and finance industry used to be solid institutions for long term investment and perhaps slower growth. But with the ingenuities of the financial experts, many paper products were created and pushed to the investors with little regards to the harm they are causing to them and the industry as a whole. The minibond saga was a case in point. Tbere are many derivaties that are in the market, worthless pieces of paper that are not backed by any securities or collaterals, or heavily leveraged that when there is a call to dump them, many investors will end up with practically nothing but yes, worthless papers like the Lehman Bonds and other toxic products. It is opportune time to reflect on the health of the banking and finance industry and rein in fictitious and questionable products from the market. Just because the Americans are doing it, marketing it and playing with it, it does not mean that they are reasonably save products. They are mostly leveraged tens of times of their real values and at times the real values could be as much as the value of the pieces of paper they are printed. The banking and finance industry must return to their fundamentals and slower growth. The industry in American are highly geared to pay astronomical bonuses by taking high risks that are unbecoming of the institutions that are the cornerstones of the whole financial industry and the economy. The products are highly dangerous and only fit for the casinos. We don't need more casinos.


Wally Buffet said...

Everyone gambles the whole day.

We gamble when we cross the road. Some idiot may just knock the daylights out of you!

We gamble when we chomp chomp on the big fat chilli crab. You may just die of food poisoning!

We gamble when we elect an MP. He may just sit on his arse and do nothing. Worse, he may just utter some bland nonsense in parliament to justify the obscene monthly allowance!

We gamble when we marry. The wife may just turn out to be the bane instead of the love of your life.

And the list goes on.............

So what's a few more casinos eh?


cy said...

there's a difference between calculated risk like crossing the road and speculative risk-taking like gambling.

Anonymous said...

A few more casinos? Good idea. Better still, one in every constituency, since they are running out of ideas to galvanise voters to their cause.