High property prices good.

It is high only because our economy is doing well, an indicator of prosperity and also high wages. Why are there sudden measures to curb high property prices? We are receiving plenty of confusing and conflicting signals nowadays. One day good one day something else. Plenty of supply, no panic but panic building. Why are people, especially the young, still complaining when their salaries are also shooting to the stars? The only problem I can see is that while their salaries are heading for the stars, the prices of properties are reaching to another dimension, and they are continuously chasing and not getting near. Then again it is their fault because they are not talented enough to earn faster and more. The developers and speculators are always delirious when property prices are soaring. They have no responsibility to anyone except their own greed and profits. They will do anything to double or triple their profits at all cost. Who cares about the well being of the people in general. The bulk of the people just want a decent place to stay, a roof over their head that is affordable. I want to print this word in very small prints, 4 or 6 points. Cannot say it too loud. Otherwise people will scream that it is definitely AFFORDABLE. The govt has a very big responsibility for the well being of the majority of the average citizens. The rich and able will look after themselves and speculate in properties and all things to get richer. The small people in the middle are not so fortunate and could only depend on their Very High Salaries but not high enough to pay for the affordable flats and to get by. They cannot afford to chase the property prices dictated by the speculators and developers or the blameless, market forces. These innocent, and losers, will end up as bigger losers. The govt has a responsibility to take care of them by correct policies. Mindless market policies will definitely lead to disillusion among the masses and will alienate them to vote for a party that will look after their welfare. Govt has the choice of looking after whichever sector of the people they want to. They can choose to continue to feed the fat cows and they can choose to care for the lean goats. High property prices are good. Keep raising. Don't stop. Don't build and strangle the supply and let the price rises. 80% or 90% of the people will be very happy and grateful.


Jaunty Jabber said...

The govt must take care of themselves first before they can take care of its people, understand?


Anonymous said...

Just when election nears, the government which *intentionally* made property prices soar by indiscriminate importing of foreign labour and granting of PR is now talking as if they didn't have a hand in it, and announces their 'good intentions' to cool the property market before Singaporeans go to the polls.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I think they are going to make the property developers and those who owns several properties very unhappy. The more properties they own, the angrier they will be.

And when these big boys complain, things will change again.

Anonymous said...

After they sold the land at sky high prices, they are introducing price curbs (pre-election strategy no doubt) and property buyers who bought high, now have to bang their marbles.

Who laughs all the way to the bank? When this election is over, they will relax the rules once again and the milking sequence starts, and they will start making their money selling land at higher and higher bids.

Anonymous said...

Not fair to blame 'leaders who take care of themselves first' as noted by Jaunty. By the way, it is the stupid people who want to spend money on a place they go back to just take baths and sleep.