Battle of Tampines 2

Chok tong has came into the battleground and fired his first salvo. Let's talk policies and let's offer alternative solutions instead of criticising. It is easy to criticise but what about offering alternative solutions? Sounds fair? Of course it is easy to criticise. But before anyone, who does not have the resources of all the supertalents, attempts to offer solutions, let's ask if this kind of familiar challenge is fair. In the first place, why should people who are not being paid a single cent come up with alternative solutions, and a better solution? Solving national issues is not going to the jamban to shit. It takes a lot of information, data and considerations, demanding a lot of time and resources, to come out with something that is workable. On this point a lone I think it is an unfair challenge. What I think the critics can do is to criticise. Yes, critics only need to do that, nothing more nothing less. But if the govt is willing to pay the critics, provide them with the resources, maybe they can venture into trying to find an alternative solution. What about the politicians? My view is that they should just offer a new direction, of where they want to go, what they want to do. The details and how to go about in achieving their objectives and policies should be left to the talented pool of civil servants to help them to work out the sums. Without the resources, they should not attempt to offer solutions that are likely to be inadequate. Just talk policies and objectives, what they want to do for the people. That should suffice.


Anonymous said...

Politicians have resorted to only one way of solving problems as far as I can see, and that is increase prices of things like HDB flats or services like ERP, hospitalisation and healthcare, that are in great demand. Who else can do that, knowing that Citizens do not have a choice?

New direction? All roads lead to Rome. Pay and pay for eternity.

redbean said...

And they say governing Singapore is difficult!

Anonymous said...

Have to leh! Otherwise how to justify such 'out of this world' salaries.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anyone needs money?

There is always the CPF waiting.

Come to think of it, how about allowing CPF for gambling, I mean in the casinos, or just for the entrance fee. It is a kind of gambling therapy, to take the worries away. Can win big also.

Oops, Sunday morning talking nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Wait long long. The CPF is already desperately looking for money to fund their overseas ventures and to allow more money to be sucked into housing and healthcare.

Don't you think they are really desperate by holding Singaporeans' life savings longer (or for eternity with CPF life now)?