Anything new from the ESC Reports?

With 25 high power supertalents in the Committee, including 9 ministers, and 6 months of deep and challenging thoughts, is there anything new coming from this Committee. I am quite disappointed actually. To me there is nothing new. One Winsemius could probably come up with more and enlightening suggestions to change our landscape and lead us to a brighter future. But not all is lost. At least the Committee discovered that the high dependence on foreign workers is a dangerous road to take. This is probably their one and only major contribution to reverse course. Without this Committee we will still be plodding along happily with more foreign workers. PS, the whole cyberspace netizens knew this long ago and have been kpkb about it for quite sometime. A side contribution is of course more money for the govt in terms of higher foreign workers levies. Can't think of anything else that is near to a revelation.


Anonymous said...

Redbean, you are not the only one with the 'down and out' feeling about the ESC.

But, of course, with the economy on the mend, any turn in the economy for the better is bound to be attributed to the ESC. Just like the JCS.

I am just waiting for the Union chief to do another 'song and dance' about the recommendations by the ESC. Always emmy material!

Anonymous said...

Start by nominating him for the Golden Horse ok?

Anonymous said...

Our ministers are all world class material. Always compared and reputed to be number one, the best there is, the best there will be, financially speaking of course.

Golden Horse? What is that? An award only fit for Tampines Constituency?