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Yes, we have destroyed her

Ris Low has resigned from the Miss Singapore World title. Let's pop the champagne. But wait, let's go one step further and burn her on the stake. This is the power of the pen. Having said that, I think Ris Low deserves to be the Miss Singapore World. Despite the persistent and vicious attack on her character, she took every blow gracefully. She stood tall among all the small people thowing shit at her. She smiled. She did not show any sign of anger, befitting her choice and status as a Miss Singapore World. She did not succumb to the pressure and break down. She resigned gracefully from the title and her parting words, 'This is actually the best for everybody...I just feel that it 'd be better for everyone, including the Singaporeans who are not very supportive of me going to this pageant.' She knew she had done wrong and accepted her fate. How many 19 year olds or even adults have not done wrong, or more horrendous wrong than Ris Low? The campaign against her was cruel. It was airing dirty linen at the lowest level in public. Why couldn't this be sorted out confidentially? Oh, it must be of great public interest. The ERM also handled the case well without adding more fuel to the fire. For the way Ris Low stood up and face the harsh attacks by some of the letter writers, she is every inch deserving to be Miss Singapore World. Many would have crumbled and suffered under such intense pressure. There was no kindness in the attack. She stood tall and took the blows.


Anonymous said...

hip hip hip .... hurray

so glad she stepped down to avoid ugly confrontation or perhaps more dirty linens being washed up

Anonymous said...

I admire miss Ris Low ability to withstand the mud without driving her nut despite her Bipolar condition.As for the organization, it is a public stunt for money and attention, recalled recent miss usa event where pro family cotestant was trash by the faggot loving world for publicity.

we are living in a time reverse of what is normal and civility and this is norm.

redbean said...

ERM said she spoke perfect English and the video on her was malicious.

Anonymous said...

At least she had the grace to step down and admit her failings. I admire her for that.

redbean said...

yes, she conducted herself very well for a 19 year old kid. and for those people who ganged up to attack her, don't they ever feel ashame of what they had done to a kiddo?

i hope the media editors will assign some reporters to write some things about her.

redbean said...

i want to crown the person who has done the most damage to ris low and forcing her to abdicate from her throne.

i will be heading to sungei road to look for an old spittoon for the crown.

Francis Chua said...

What remains after a lightblub has been smashed to pieces? The lightbulb will hate the world forever and ever.