The wooden story revives

‘I was a block of wood. So? It was the truth.’ This story is immortalised in the Men In White book. How many political leaders would take such a comment in a public address standing up? Chok Tong did, standing 6 ft 4in tall. And he not only admitted that he was wooden, he could joke about it too. That is the kind of leader we have and the people love him for it. His ministers continued to support him. He is the most likeable PM so far. And because of the public dressing, he became a better man, more uninhibited and improved on his public image and public speaking. In other words, less wooden. And he got LKY to thank for. In LKY is another quality of leadership unseen anywhere. His lecture is always well regarded by friends and foes. Chok Tong became a leader and his own man and accepted the comment though stunned for a while. Recently we have another grateful recipient of his lecture in Parliament. After his robust reply to newbie NMP Sadasivan, the latter was thankful, like a student attending a lecture in the university once again. And we can see him learning and gaining from it and become a better man in the future This is the unique quality of LKY. He can tell anyone off and the recipients felt very grateful for the lesson, for he meant well. ‘He’s not a man to slam you for nothing. He was never personal.’ Said Chok Tong. Imagine another leader coming out and make such a comment on anyone, the reception is not going to be the same. There were several instances, some in Parliament, and I don’t think the recipients were grateful for the dressing down. Maybe some PMs may learn this trick from LKY and make public assessments of his cabinet ministers in the future, if he is LKY calibre. Anyway, what’s wrong with being called wooden when there is real substance. The number one golfer’s official name is Woods, Tiger Woods. And no one is disturbed by that name. Who knows, the next headline when Tiger wins another tournament may be ‘The Wood is on top again!’


Anonymous said...

Some people are getting a woody for a wood,do we have to hear about your woody.

Anonymous said...

If one does not turn into firewood and then ashes, it is only right that he be grateful. Better still, the wood was given a flower pot to grow some leaves before it was sent for display.


Anonymous said...

"He can tell anyone off and the receipients felt very grateful for the lesson, for he meant well"

I wonder if that applies to Francis Seow, Tang Liang Hong, Dr Chee or JB Jeyaratnam etc.

Of course all men in white have to pretend to feel grateful, even if they are not, in the face of criticism by him. Comes with the job. The old man said he crafted the system, so which other men in white can claim or dare to argue otherwise. They are beholden to him.

Anonymous said...

GCT obviously can say it is not personal after all he get to receive millions for the rest of his life when sakai to the old fart.

GCT = Woody Pecker
so isn't it is obvious what LKY stand for.
Redbean, you be the judge here
Watch this photo

Surely this orangutan remind you of the freak old shit !

redbean said...

if i have a choice, i rather forget about this story then get it printed. it is not something that is an achievement or something that really matters. more frivolous than anything.