Whose view matters?

The govt, or Mah Bow Tan said in Parliament that HDB flats are affordable. HDB also said so and explained why they are affordable. The Straits Times went one step further with its reporters making in depth analysis and reports on why HDB flats are affordable. And in today's Editorial, it again confirmed that they are affordable, and those who insist that they are not affordable have only themselves to blame. They are unyielding, selfish, suffered from an odd mentality that new towns are 'ulu', insensible, obstinates and quirks. On the other side of the fence the voice of unhappiness and grief is getting louder. And there is now a petition by the unhappy, insensible, obstinates and quirks calling for signatures to support their perceived grievances. The petition now has more than 900 signatures. The HDB flats being affordable side is obviously right according to their logics and reasons. And they are getting very annoyed by these unreasonable demands of the people. Are the unhappy voices unreasonable and illogical? Officially it is. So, no matter how many signatures were collected, their cause is a lost cause. Their views, their interest, their unhappiness are not important. They don't matter.


Anonymous said...

Petition or not, nothing will change. They cannot let property prices drop drastically because that in effect means your CPF money goes down with the fall in price.

And if after all the upgrading, the value of your flat is going to fall, what is the meaning of asset enhancement. It becomes a sham!

Now they have a system of exhausting your CPF savings via the HDB, so why bother to curb the rising prices. It is a golden goose that lays golden eggs.

And an exhausted CPF means no early retirement for Singaporeans. They have to work till, well the brain-washing will have to continue to get Singaporeans to accept working till death.

Embrace the brutal truth, Singaporeans!

redbean said...

singaporeans should forget about their cpf as a savings plan for retirement and start to save for it in other ways.