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We are 5 million strong

Thanks to PRs and new immigrants, that's the front page news in 'my paper' today. Our population has hit 5 millions with the help of foreigners. We shall thank the foreigners for helping us to shore up the property prices as well. We shall thank them for providing jobs for our people. We shall thank them for helping to grow our economy, for without them we would be plunged into a recession or collapse. And thank you for helping to fill up the seats in MRTs and buses and the roads, and all the places that need people to patronise them. Without the foreigners we will be a dead city. Thank you, thank you. We are eternally grateful. And please come. We need another 3 million to reach our ideal target of 8 million. After that everything will be fine. We will not need any more foreigners or babies for growth when that magic number is reached. And our economy will continue to grow, and we will live happily forever.


Anonymous said...

there is a point of no returns (even an elastic band breaks).

Anonymous said...

That explains why our GDP has significantly in the last few years but our quality of living has deteriorated. Most find more congestions, lower purchasing power for our per unit of salary, inflation pressure, less good job available etc. THe analogy is like increasing capital to boost sales and profits, but you eps remain the same or worse decline. Despite growth each shareholder are getting less. It is a volume growth rather than a quality one. Because our civil servant's performance are based on volume rather than quality growth. In effect our vale add and productivity has declined in the past few years. Reminds me of the pre-Asian crisis type of growth.

Anonymous said...

I thought it is still 3 million short of the Target.


redbean said...

another 3m akan datang. then a 3m hdb flat will cost $1m. all the hardlanders will be rich! huat ah!