SCCCI broke its silence

The Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry has joined the debate over the lack of linguistic skills of foreign immigrants working in the sales industry. Many forum letter writers have written to the media to complain about this lack of English Language skill and some even suggested that people who can't speak English should not be allowed here. Ah, it brings back memories of the good old days when a pass in English is the key condition for a job in the colonial civil service. I think it is a good idea to make English proficiency a criteria for employment here. Maids, construction workers, sales staff etc and who else to include in this category? Employers must be fuming mad. It will give life to a new industry in language learning, and more private language schools to come into this new business.

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Matilah_Singapura said...

I normally have esteem for the SCCCI as a couple of my mentors (hardcore old towkays) are 'active voices' in that racially-biased coterie.

However, they are missing the point. Employers are the ones solely responsible for hiring people. If employers want to be cheapskate and employ incompetents then as a selfish disloyal low-attention span consumer AVOID these firms and spend your money elsewhere. Don't een say a word. Let the fuckers fail in the market and go bankruot.

The moment you start making noise, you send "signals' to the firms. Why do this? You are acting as a free business consultant. Fuck them. Let them die. short their stock. Bad mouth their name to people you know -- not in the public sphere.

Capitalism is a hard core game of profit and losses. Everyone is focused on profit to the point they become irrationally greedy and selfish -- attempting to gain "something for nothing" from their customers at worst or short-change their customers by taking more (value) and giving less (value).This is a trade which sacrifices the customers' interest to corporate greed.

These people should be put out of business so they can experience the other side of capitalism: LOSSES. Huge losses.