Only two letters in the papers!

Two letters, one by See Leong Kit and another by David Soh Poh Huat, were harping about the high cost of HDB flats. If there are so many flat buyers in the island and only two bothered to write to the media, then it is concrete proof that it is not a problem. The minister and HDB are right. HDB prices are affordable and the people are happily buying them. See Leong Kit raised the issue of the real causes of high HDB prices which nobody wants to know or talk about. High profitability, market pricing and unrevealed cost and what else? David Soh quoted a case about why people could not afford to pay high COV. But this is only one odd incident. Not counted. The minister and HDB are right. People can go flat shopping for the best deal. No question about it. And if they cannot afford a 3 rm, go for 2 rm. If still cannot afford, go for rental. See, no real problem. All imaginations or people trying to live beyond their means. Hardlanders are basically losers and should not aspire to live better or in bigger flats. Be happy and grateful for a roof over your head. Many third world people don't even have a thatched roof over their heads. Would the hardlanders take my advice? Do they have a choice or any choice?


Wally Buffet said...

If the price of my 3 room HDB were not so inflated, would I have the wherewithal to build my resort like little "palace" in Lijiang?

Even now, I am still scratching my head as to how I came to be so lucky that my 3 room which I bought for 6K 30 years ago can now fetch 300+K

See? buying a HDB is better than investing in stock and shares and the silly insurance policies that duffers buy.

Thank you Sir for the privilege of buying a lease on that 500 sq. ft. of space 30 years ago for 6K.

Anonymous said...

Many folks have written to the Medias and online for a loooong time. There must be tens, even hundreds of letters, will they(medias) publish and telecast??

What has the Authority done ? In response to those letters.

Did'nt our leaders make living more challenging, more difficult! Are they not making the people(citizens) increasing unhappy by increasing the costs and prices of everything we complained about??

Are the Leaders not treating the people as invisible, non-entity, even non-humans.


Anonymous said...

Dear Folks:

Correction the Word 'increasing', it should read 'incresingly'.

My apology !


redbean said...

wally, you can't just look at your point of view. yes, many who bought early will be laughing to the bank.

what about the young people that are trying to start a new family? you started by paying $6k. these young people are going to pay $200k or $300k for a 3 rm. and their income is not 50 times what you got then.

Anonymous said...

A lot of people i knowed had given up on feeding back their concern. It is a waste of time. Come GE then they can acted if given a chance. LOL

redbean said...

today ST printed another few letters on the same subject. i hope they print out more or at least give some statistics on how many such letters were written.