Obama fighting sophisticated thieves

When the thieves landed in Wall Streets, the regulators and administrators were awed by their sophistication, confidence and rich manners. They promised to generate a lot of businesses and wealth for all, including the regulators and administrators of course, if they were allowed to do what they wanted to do, freely. In other words, deregulations or little regulations, and a free hand to write their own rules of the game, print their own money or worthless papers to be sold for hard cash, and also write their own pay checks. This went on and on until the Lehman and subprime crisis. And all is history. But history is repeating itself. The same game is being played again. The thieves are loading themselves with huge sums of money. When they piled themselves with all those ill gotten gains, someone must pay for it. The money must come from somewhere. Obama is not going to be duped by these thieves like those bright eyed and eager beavers in Wall Street. And he has no reason not to stop them as he and his team are new and their palms were not greased by the thieves. So you can expect Obama and his team to come down hard on these thieves. And you can expect the thieves, their lobbyists and those regulators and administrators in their pockets, including congressmen and senators, to be stand up against whatever regulations and control that Obama may want to impose. When the regulators and administrators are on the side of the thieves, nothing will change. The robbing of the ignorant masses will continue and the thieves will get richer and more blatant in their acts. No regulations is good for them. No one is learning the lesson. No one.


Wally Buffet said...

The "ignorant masses" deserved to be robbed because they were greedy and.....................worst of all stupid.

Anonymous said...

Somehow, i just got the feeling that Redbean idolizes Obama too much, so much so that he has too much faith in Obama.

Obama is just another human though very capable, one just got to know he Obama, is one up against many. 'gu chang nan min', meaning a single palm(hand) produces no sound(clap), hard for one righteous(man) to right all the wrongs.

Will Obama rein in the crooks? He is more likely to fail than to succeed.


Wally Buffet said...


My sentiments exactly. A bit of wayang don't hurt eh?

redbean said...

yes patriot, one way of looking at what i said is that i am a big believer of obama.

another way of looking at it is the silly boys and girls being led by the nose by the thieves and let the thieves did what they wanted. and the silly boys and girls think that they are doing the right thing.

Anonymous said...

Same with the 'ignorant masses' in red dot who voted for the PAP and getting screwed.