No Yellow Ribbon for Ris Low

More efforts and revelations are needed to destroy this 19 year old girl. Do more research and dig deeper to bring out more unpleasantness of her life, and it is only a matter of time before she be buried and done away with. First it was her poor English. So she is bad. Now it was her credit card fraud. She was found guilty for cheating using stolen credit cards. This must have done the job. Attacking her for bad English was snobbish. Revealing her cheating conviction was hitting her below the belt. For the latter, I too find it difficult to defend her case. Having committed a crime is something that would put Ris Low and the organiser of the Miss World campaign in a very awkward position. And the attackers gone to town with everything they had against her. Oh, wait for more. It is not over yet. And I am reading very carefully between the lines to pull out the mastermind behind this whole sordid affair of character assassination in the name of good fun and righteousness. Forget about forgiveness, forget about Yellow Ribbon. Forget about gracefulness. We Singaporeans are just a bunch of rats! Talking about grace, forgiveness and having a Yellow Ribbon campaign is only an aspiration and not meant to be real. We are honestly just low down human beans. Let's bury Ris Low in the most humiliating ways we can think off and use the media to its best advantage.


ZenSensei said...

[YouTube Video Transcript] Hi, this is Zen Sensei here from http://HowtoWriteinJapanese.Blogspot.com.
Today, I’m here to share my views on the hot and exciting topic of Ms Ris Low BOOMZ.

While it’s easy for us to laugh at her expense (even my mother insisted we watch her videos over and over again…), the question in my mind is:

‘Are the Organizers of the Miss World Singapore 2009 Event Taking Responsibility?’

They must have heard her speak during the competition and yet they let her win. What’s going on here?!

As for Ms Ris Low, credit fraud? – NOT okay. Going for your dreams? I support that.

In the meantime, she might want to learn how to speak Japanese instead? She can do that at our website http://HowtoWriteinJapanese.Blogspot.com!

Thanks for listening!

redbean said...

hi ZenSensei, welcome to the blog.
the credit card fraud is difficult to swallow and is indeed an issue for the organiser to deal with.

i read that that is a kindess campaign going on at the moment. and there was a yellow ribbone campaign to give people a second chance. this girl is only 19. when she committed her offence, she could be younger.

can the people attacking her be kinder, can they give her a second chance?

Anonymous said...

It was the Mistake of the Organizer not to identify the weakness(poor spoken English) of Ris Low.
what's the fuss?

It was also the Organizers' fault for failing to screen her for conviction record.

Now, both mistakes are solely blame on Ris Low. LOL.

Is Yellow Ribbon only meant for selective offenders?


redbean said...

actually the qualifications for miss world should be one with mixed blood, the best of all the races. miss world cannot and should not be represented by any one race or colour : )

Anonymous said...

Well firstly, she shd have conceded that her english is not fantasticm instead of bragging "A1" in her facebook.

2nd, if her conviction was made known BEFORE she was crowned, it wouldnt be such an issue now, instead of being dug out after. Not to mentioned she had corrected herself multiple times from "i told them during registration" to "told them during finals" to "i never told them at all"

in short, if she was being honest upfront, she wouldnt have to live tru this shit now, but like they say, leopards (and their preens) dun change their spot!

redbean said...

hi anonymous, many have similar views like yours on this issue. but i rather we be kinder to a young offender and given her a second chance.

Anonymous said...

A second Chance by virtue of the 'Yellow Ribbon' Campaign; i second it !


pingpongpiang said...

Actually if I were a Singapore beauty judge, my strategy would be to simply pick the most beautiful contestant as the winner, nevermind the talking skills. Why? Because previously our representatives don't even get past the first round. What's the point of having the best English skills if she can't even attract the judges in the earliest stage? And secondly, poor English isn't an issue on a world pageant. All those Venezuelans or South Americans, many can't speak much English anyway. I doubt judges will be expecting fluent English from an Asian contestant.

Of course, I agree with the post...whatever happened to the Yel(low) Ribbon campaign?

redbean said...

hi pingpongpiang, welcome to the blog. and boomz!

ris low has made this word famous. i still find it unbeliever that so many people are so harsh on her. she is but a kid.