A new fad in town

It is damn great fun to own a media agency or a blog or forum and use it to ridicule or malu other lesser beans. It is funny and very effective and you can cheer on others to join the ridicule game. I heard a girl by the name of Ris Low, or something like that, was made fun of in the media. I must qualify here, they did not ridicule her but all made in jest, just for fun lah. And I like the spirit of making fun of others, no matter how insensitive it is. Maybe it is another way to teach people why they must spaek good Inglish. This girl did not speak good or perfect English and became a very convenient and funny target. The more she speaks, the more funny she becomes and more ammunition for attacking her. Oops, I mean making fun of her in jest. No hard feelings. Language is just a skill, like dancing or playing football. Given time and effort, one should be able to pass off quite reasonably. Stupidity is acquired or born and not easily removed by effort and training. For people who were speaking a language for a long time, as a primary mode of communication, or educated in the west, it is easy to laugh at those who are new to the language. It is as good as an entitlement to sneer and ridicule those who can't speak as well as them. I wonder how these jokers will sound if they were to speak to Ris Low in Teochew or Mandarin? Would their dialect or Mandarin sound just as ridiculous? I love to hear them speak something they are not familiar with and use it to ridicule them to the max, in this blog/forum. Let's start a campaign to ridicule people who can't speak English well, just for fun lah. Then we can follow up with a few more campaigns to ridicule those who can't speak their mother tongues. Like they said, orang china bukan china or in different variations to suit the different races.


Anonymous said...

The fad is high-falutin mah, solly I stuck on falutin elite.

Anonymous said...

Redbean Sir:

Good Morning! Must say You are really bad this time. You are advocating Singaporeans to sin more. With your suggestion for fun seeking by ridiculing, mocking and jeering at each others because of language proficiencies, this multi-cultural and multi-racial society will have endless funs. One will ever run out of reason to make funs of one another.

I am always sicken by those who have better command of alien language than the ethnic ones they belong to. For those whose roots are rotten beyond recognitions, i have no word to describe them.

For those who are conceited in been better educated, fluent in languages and proficient in communicating and expressing themselves, they may like to know that not everyone has the same opportunities liked them.

Time to tell the elites that they are just as human as the pariah(lowest) class. High falutin elites fad indeed!


redbean said...

haha patriot, it is all high falutin for sure. i didn't know whether to condone such acts as publicity stuns. or we shall be poking fun of people in all ways with no regard to the sensitivity of the person no his self worth.

punks in suits and ties can do anything they want and get away with it. i think my bloggers here will definitely not allow me to take advantage of this media to ridicule people, and claiming that it is all for fun. very funny indeed.

Wally Buffet said...

There are some Chinese who can't utter a single word of mandarin or dialects. Shameful.

Making fun of such stupid beans is more fun than poking fun at those whose English is not high falutin'

Wally Buffet said...


You wanna loom in my palaise in Lijiang?

Go read my comments in your "She's rich, at least worth 300K" post.


redbean said...

wally, why so expensive? i just want to rent a small room and away my time in lijiang till the light is switched off from me.

i think i rent from the locals. it may cost S$50 pm : ) bao chiat some more.