More palliative care in the pipeline

And those who can pay will have to pay. Now, what would I want to spend my life counting beans, drawing little circles, painting little red dots, or walking on a ramp, and pay for it? What kind of living is that? Do I want to look forward to 85 or 100?


Wally Buffet said...

Spend more time and energy making money and when you're 85 and above, you'll be in the company of courtesans and watching them dance in your own palace in Lijiang. Instead of counting beans and doodling nymphs, you'll be playing with the real thing!

Speaking of which, what you pay is what you get. That $50 pm bao chiat will get you a sleeping bag in the village tavern's kitchen plus buns (mantou) for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

redbean said...

wally, you should look at the oldies under palliative care or in the nursing homes.

got money also no use.

S$50 is 250 rmb you know. for rental of a room in lijiang it should cost a bomb unless one is staying in shangrila or your palace.

Anonymous said...

'Got money no use'

Redbean Sir: My objection Sir !

The money has plenty uses, the Owners(the ill health folks) of the money are useless. They should have used the money instead of leaving them useless, foolish folks!


Wally Buffet said...

Got money, no need to go for nursing home lah.

You can have a private nurse with a geriatric specialist on stand by 24/7 in the comfort of your own home or palace mah.

And Patriot, with due respect, stop treating Redbean like he's some kind of Regimental Sergeant Major lah.