It is political, it is documentary, it is...

Coming hot on the heels of the reclassification of the 'Demons' In White to be not dangerous anymore, not enemies, we are seeing the reclassification of Martyn See's Singapore Rebel from a political film to a documentary film. See how outrageous things can be? It is political, no it is not, no it is,... depending on the tide and wave, I think. When is a person a good person or a bad person is also dependent on the situation and timing, and also which side one gets up from the bed. But the truth will still be the truth and any truth that has not surfaced will surface in a matter of time. The only issue is that it is not time, or the timing is not right. Will we see a new history to write something good about JBJ or Chee Soon Juan?


Matilah_Singapura said...

Political maturity of a civil society takes a long long time --- and most nations never achieve it in long-term stability. A notable exception is the USA which has one of the LONGEST continuous governments in history. Most other countries have had political system change, revolution, war on hoe soil -- civil or international... and so on.

Anonymous said...

Changes in Singapore politics come few and far between. When it happens one has to suspect whether it is because of a change of heart or is there any hidden agenda. The Singapore govt does not do things willy-nilly. There is always a reason for it, until now it has always been for self preservation. With this present govt it has always been with dark motive. There has never been free lunches with this lot. Give with one hand, take more with the other.

Anonymous said...

Time will reveal truth or shall i say given time, truth will uncover itself. Did'nt the Chinese say 'zi pao bu zhu hoa'.

Is it hidden agenda or is it conscience being pricked and amends in the making?

Posterity is a record of deeds and it is either good or bad and the Latter must be avoided in history.


redbean said...

the problem today is that no one has a monopoly in writing history. we will have many more martyn see in the pipeline.

Anonymous said...

Dear Redbean:

You have just written a part of the Singapore History here in My Singapore News.


please keep writing.