If we don't do anything now....Obama

This is what Obama warned the Americans in his medical reform speech. If the American govt does not do anything now, the insurance premiums will continue to go up. In our home front, if the motorists don't do anything now, they must be prepared to pay higher premiums. Period. No one sees any urgency in trying to curb this excessive and unreasonable rise in motor insurance fee. And we all know why it is going up. Anyone responsible or looking into this matter? Oh, forgotten liao. That's the fact here. KPKB for a while and all will be forgotten.


Wally Buffet said...

My junk car's insurance is due for renewal soon. I am afraid......very very nervous as to how many more zeroes they'll add to last year's premium.

I may just junk the jalopy and follow the sardines into the MRT can.But can I stand the smell of our very diverse and colourful population mix from all the neighbouring third world banana republics?

Anonymous said...

'KPKB for a while and all will be forgotten.'

Here, the Government knows the people's style and the people knows the Government's style. Eash knows that the other will do nothing.

What have all the kpkb done to CPF changes, or HDB price rising unrelentlessly, or the Minibond issue etc? Nothing.

Yeah, we know the Government listens but do not hear.

Singaporeans deserve the Government they elected. No use cry mother cry father now.