The ideal Miss World, Singapore

The ideal Miss World, Singapore We have the best formula for what a Miss Singapore representative to the Miss World could look like. My prescription for the formula should include the following: 1.Tall, lanky lass from Northern China 2. Exotic physical attributes and endowments of Malay/Indonesian tribe 3. The English Language skill from India 4. The cosmopolitan culture of the Eurasians 5. And the brain of a Singaporean Put these together and get the experts from our Science Park to incubate a few specimens and in 20 years time we will have the best of Singapore ready for Miss World and Miss Universe. We have the expertise and resources to do what is needed Then there will be no necessity to assassinate another Ris Low.


Anonymous said...

Too troublesome lah! Just pay a few million and you can buy over a Venezuelan beauty to represent us.

Cannot speak English, no problem. Singaporeans are always ready to forgive the shortcomings of talented foreigners.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Hey I can make one of those. I have the genes and the sperm to do so :)

All I need is a few chap cheng gals to spread 'em wide for Uncle Matilah super tasty satay daging... that shouldn't be too hard to do... knowing them :))

Anonymous said...

Singaporean brains? Really? Where?

redbean said...

oops, my mistake. should use a foreign talent brain and tag a made in Singapore ribbon on her.