I am terribly disturbed

I am very disturbed by the way Singaporeans look at problems and their inability to shift out the truth from all the information available. Many Singaporeans are complaining about the high property prices, especially of HDB flats. And we all know what is the main cause of the high prices. Now what is the problem? I have read letters and suggestions that in order to bring down the prices, HDB should build smaller size flats or build basic flats with bare concrete and bare fixtures like in the 60s/70s. Are these the cause of high prices? Don't Singaporeans know or understand that the high prices are caused by market pricing and the notion of affordability? If the supply and demand, and market pricing dictate so, if the affordability fiction says so, no matter how small is the flat, or how basic it is, it can go to $1m for a 300 sq ft unit. Come on Singaporeans, stop being silly. Stop being foolish.

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Anonymous said...

Redbean Sir:

my sympathy is all for You and You alone. Very frankly and sincerely, i do think You have to agree with Matilah Singapuras' Wise Saying that Singaporeans deserve the Government they(the Citizens) believed in and voted for.

I say You are knowingly trying to be too kind to numbed skull Singaporeans who are brought up in a perverted system. The minds of many Singaporeans are polluted, contaminated and if not brainwashed. The National Ethos by the way is greed is good, greeds generate entrepreneurialship and make one successful.

Singaporeans prefer their properties to increase in values and are much less concerned with the affordability of their homes. Cannot blame them, 80% are already home-owners.