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How China will destroy your retirement

Below is an article by an American and spreading with the help of unthinking Singaporeans to show how bad China is. The fact is that our retirement has been destroyed by America in their subprime fiasco and the financial crisis they have created. Now they are pointing the finger at China. For goodness sake, stupid Asians and Singaporeans. Think, use your little numbskull before they expired. How China will destroy your retirement The Shanghai index just laid a horrible egg. Wall Street fainted and investors world-wide took to the hills. How could this happen? 1. Loan growth at China’s central bank fell by 80% in the last 30 days. 2. After a spate of frantic buying this spring, China has stopped stockpiling raw materials, which it bought for pennies on the dollar. The Baltic Dry Index has plunged 25% since late July. 3. The massive amounts of cash that Beijing has pumped into its economy has not been properly absorbed. It has hemorrhaged into speculation. That’s why, although profits for China companies are DOWN by 30%, the Shanghai index is UP 80%. Can you spell BUBBLE? 4. It’s not just stocks, either. The most expensive housing in the world is now in China. Yes, that is correct. The ratio of property prices to income is now SEVEN TIMES HIGHER in China than in the U.S. It looks like the Japanese land bubble in the ’80s, but with one billion people involved this time around. Can you spell CRASH? 5. On October 1, the China Communist Party holds the 60th anniversary of Mao’s Long March. Expect Beijing to Band Aid this Ponzi scheme together until October. But, as the last few days have shown, the lie cannot last much longer. WE HAVE 30 DAYS—TOPS. Urgent You Act I’m Dick Young and I am convinced that China’s Ponzi Scheme will not work for much longer. And when it crashes to the ground after October 1, look out, because Wall Street goes with it. Don’t bother looking for your retirement plans in the rubble. They’ll be pulverized. It does not have to be this way. Indeed, my subscribers have a different plan. We will be very busy over the next 30 days, but it is work that will set us up for life.


Wally Buffet said...

What a load of bull. The hogwash written by the joker not you lah, Sir.

redbean said...

this is the kind of misinformation that have been fed into the asian subconscious mind for centuries. it is like advertisments, keep shouting, and the subconscious will register them and people will react to them when they are not thinking.

Anonymous said...

No lah, the American is speaking from first hand experience he had in his own country and perhaps a little glad now that China has joined them to share the blame.

Stupid Asians...probably true. Some human beings prefer to learn the hard way.

Anonymous said...

China has always been the scapegoat for all the ills of the world. But they are not taking all this lying down. They know what to do.

Of course the Americans have been picking on other countries for decades, but they never look at themself in the mirror. That is why they have so little respect from the rest of the world. They never practise what they preach.

Matilah_Singapura said...

That's superb. People pay "ex-spurts" for their financial "add-vice" -- $$$$ in subs every year. And all they get is doom gloom and fear.


Matilah_Singapura said...
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