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End of the Dark Ages

With the advent of cyberspace we are seeing the dawn of a new era of freedom in mass communication. The days when the govt controls all the modes of communication are over, or about to be over. Or at least we are now allow to hear alternative views and news. Gone were the days when the masses were fed with fairy tales, legends or stories of comic book superman and superheroes. Today we are seeing and hearing different kinds of heroes. In our local context we are hearing news and views that would not have the chance to see in prints. Now we have Ngaim Tong Dow, Seah Chiang Nee, Lucky Tan, Gilbert Goh, Alfian Saat, Tan Kin Lian, Andrew Loh, Choo Zheng Xi, Leong Sze Hian and many others who are saying things from the way they see it. Without them and all the infamous bloggers in cyberspace, we will still be like little children, reading fairy tales and comic books, and feeling very good. All bloggers should continue to contribute to the diverse views of truths and coloured truths, to challenge the truths in the old media. Only then can the masses break free from the oppression of one sided media transmission.


Anonymous said...

Careful Redbean, the old media is still a powerful force to be reckon with. They bhave the law and courts behind them. Don't want to hear that Redbean has been closed down for contempt to the old media.

Anonymous said...

I have the view that Redbean has been one of the most loyal citizen of this country. Everything he has written and is writing are all for the good of this country, its' leaders and the citizenry.

It is also the Reason why i respect him so much because i rever patriotic citizens, i being one myself.


Anonymous said...

Well the gahmen have been supporting russia and north korea lately, so u never know in the future....