Calibrating benefits for citizens

It may be a bit late but better than never. Vivian is taking the cue from Hsien Loong and will be looking at the benefits that citizens should have over non citizens. And yes, membership will have its privileges. And all the ministries and stat boards will also be looking into it to make citizens feel worthy of being citizens, recognition of their responsibilities and sacrifices. Who says kpkb in cyberspace has no use and the govt will not listen? The voices in cyberspace will only grow louder if they are ignored. Any govt that believes in serving the people cannot ignore the voices in cyberspace and just listen to their own contraptions and feedbacks. Like it or not, the noise in cyberspace is real, though at times unpleasant to the ears. We are hurt! Oops, I mean heard!


Wally Buffet said...

You are too fast on the draw.

Let's see what's in the package.

The disproportionate number of PRs against those actually taking up citizenship reveals some underlying malaise.

Ask a typical Malaysian who is a Singapore PR why he/she is not a Singapore citizen and the reply may astonish you.

Anonymous said...

Don't count yr chickens before they are hatched. All recent good news is simply election fodder. We have been throught such pre GE foreplay, once the climax is over, pay up. Better wise up this time and don't get tricked by the biggest pimp in town.

Anonymous said...

All Singaporean please get ready to calibrate your votes.

redbean said...

I like the idea.

It is time that the people design an appraisal card to assess the performance of the govt from the people's standpoint?

Each citizen should carry such a card and grade the performance of the govt according to their own values of good and bad. It will be a more objective way of judging whether the govt is delivering goodness according to the expectation of the people.

Items to be included should be cost of living, to include transport fare, food, essential services, school/tuition fee, medical fees, housing etc etc.

Other items to be included say NS policy, foreign worker policy, immigration policy, security, palliative care, policy on freedom of expression, freedom of assembly, freedom from fear, psycological, imaginary, real or perceived, policy on political dissent, handling of alternative political parties, and what else?

Oh, how much subsidies given, how many handouts, grants, scholarships etc to the people.

Anonymous said...

Redbean, remember the saying (something like) closing the stable doors after the horses have bolted?

Now that we have to live with expensive public housing, hospitalisation cost, and a bankrupted CPF retirement scheme because of expensive housing, they are talking about taking care of citizens first. Isn't it a bit late?

Now, how are they going to tackle the above problems? I agree that election is coming soon, so some posturing is in order. Singpaoreans are easily pacified.

Anonymous said...

i heard corn for offer before GE. It may turn up to be con job after GE.

Anonymous said...


Pinky and Viv are saying:

Kiddy, kiddy, have a lolly.

Anonymous said...

Calibration, when applied by our leaders sounds and means like 'mean testings' to me.


redbean said...

reminds me of wall street. after the bankers and insurance people pocketed all the millions and billions, they are now starting to introduce laws to curb their excesses.