Boon Wan blogging in MOH blog

This looks like for real. Now we have a real minister blogging to share and exchange views in cyberspace. According to the report, Boon Wan is going to blog regularly, not blogging just for show. Given his busy commitment, it will be quite demanding on him to reply to the issues that will pop up in the MOH blog. I think he will cope. The cyberspace, blogging etc is the most effective means of communicating with the masses and vice versa. And handling it well, it can achieve a lot of goodness and goodwill. Goodbye to snail mail and writing to the media forum and hoping it will be printed. The main medium does not have the space to provide a meaningful two way communication which is something cyberspace is best designed for. Look at the number of letters on HDB prices that are filtering out into the main media forum and you can extrapolate how many have written in but unable to see the light. Welcome to cyberspace, Boon Wan.


Wally Buffet said...

Would have been better if "comments" was switched on. What's a blog without input from readers? You'll be talking to yourself.

redbean said...

you mean got blogs where the comments are switched off, not available for reading?

Anonymous said...

Can make dissenting comments or not? Some people expect only comments that praise what they write and accuse dissenting views of being rude and putting words into their mouth. They like to hear only the good stuff.

Anonymous said...

Mr Wally;

some bloggers, especially parliamentarians, should talk to the mirror.

If comment is not switch off, the blogger is and if your post makes them uneasy, the blogger deletes your comment.

Sometimes, i wondered why they are politicians and bloggers.

Just for record, i was at the P65s and George Yeo Blogs, was given transparent treatment at BG Yeo Site, he had no eye (moe gan tine-Cantonese) for a citizen.


Anonymous said...


They listen but do not hear.

They look but do not see.

They emphatise but do not feel.

And best of all

They say but do not mean.

Anonymous said...

The Problem with them are:-

They are not deaf.

They are not blind.

Machines, they are not,

zombies? Maybe.

Unfeeling? Definitely

Arrogant? Yes!


Ivan Chew said...

I was wondering about the comments feature too. Then realised they are inviting comments to be directed to the MOH Facebook page. The link is on the right margin of the blog.

redbean said...

hi Ivan, welcome to the blog.

i have not visited that blog or face book. if i have the time i will take a look.

Anonymous said...

Once bitten, twice shy.

I avoided them, Minister Blogs, P65', can't let them disappoint me for no reason.