The Bizarre Behaviour of Singaporeans - V2.1

The Bizarre Behaviour of Singaporeans - observations made by a German national who has lived in Singapore for 9 years. This same article which I posted on 11 Aug 09 in this blog is now posted in Tan Kin Lian's blog and attributed to a German national who has lived here for 9 years. I tried to insert a comment in Kin Lian's blog but it was not shown. Anyway, Kin Lian, if you are reading this, you may want to correct the slight error. Cheers. PS. I am Singaporean and not German.


Anonymous said...

Here goes again with Elle( passion, fk no, its hate),

Elle, you are confusing apples for oranges. Sunni are not shia or vice versa , Iran does not represent Islam nor all muslims.Likewise al-Qaida and other terrorist and insurgent groups operating in Afghanistan and Pakistan do not represent Islam or a muslim like me.

" If Obama can identify that Islam is a common enemy for peace..." , even if he(Obama)belive it( I couldn't careless) but he will never say it aloud for fear of political repercussion. Watch Fareed Zakaria interview Medvedev this Sunday to clear up your mind on definition of nations, religion and people if you call yourself expert on Islam.

You are a jack ass biggot.

jihad against Biggot

Anonymous said...

Btw, keep hoping , a nation(islamic or otherwise) can be defeated but never ISLAM. ISLAM is here to stay for Eternity. keep dreaming...

Anonymous said...

People convert to another religion every day around the world. Funny thing is, one never hear bad thing about their previous religion from newly converted muslims, unlike Dr. Wafa Sultan or many like her who conveted out of Islam, ever consider the agenda of their new found religion and bigotry for supremacy of these organisation and cults.

redbean said...

hi guys, religion is meant to bring peace and compassion to human beans, and a more meaningful life under certain beliefs or god's teaching. any religion that preaches violence, killings etc as good or good's will is bad.

i fear militant islam or militant religion of any order. would islam be able to separate itself from militancy?

Anonymous said...

Certain amount of fringe elements exits in every society, as Jimmy Carter demonstrated recently in US. The objective is to exposed these groups(militant etc) and not confused and lumped as one because we share same religion or race or nationality.

"would islam be able to separate itself from militancy?"

The answer to this question lies in the mind and perception of individual or group whose ideology one belive in and aspire to.

Myself , Islam and miltantcy are muatually exculsive as shia and sunni, as Iran and Saudi Arabia.


Matilah_Singapura said...

> religion is meant to bring peace and compassion to human beans <

Since when? Go and read history again.

Religious dogma are the most globally divisive ideas -- more so than race as race is usually confined to specific geographical areas.

As a refresher on militant Isalm, it might serve the reader well to start from the beginning -- with General Khalid.

The Sword Of Allah Part 1

Matilah_Singapura said...

As for the German kaypoh who wrote the original piece -- he has demonstrated his lack of intellectual insight by merely making anecdotal observations most of us already know. To him it is something "new", to the average S'porean it is no big deal.

No wonder the Germans lost the World Wars 1 and 2, and have been a welfare state since the 1800's thanks to Otto von Bismarck. Germans have been emigrating away from their "Fatherland" and venturing to places like Pattaya in Thailand where they hook up with some transexual "katoey", take drugs, drink to excess and engage in all sorts of bizzarre scatological sexual deviances with their Thai toy-boys.

How's that for a racist, stereotyping piece displaying my unashamed bigotry towards these jack-booted Nazis who would dare insult my friends? Fuck him.

redbean said...

alamak, matilah. after what i wrote you still think there is a german writing this article. it is the same article, my article that someone confused and thought that it was a german who wrote it.

as for muslims and other religions, it is important that the agenda should not he hijacked by a minority that is out for bloodshed. christianity or catholicism were just as militant during the colonial days when the colonialists and evangelists joined hands to kill in the name of their god.

i was trying to be polite to say that religions are meant to be good for humanity. but it is up to the believers to face what were written in their scriptures about violence and whether to edit those dangerous and destructive doctrines from their books.

leaving there will only lead to mischiefs.

Matilah_Singapura said...


You are quite right -- there is no way of knowing if indeed it was a sexually deviant German who wrote the piece in question.

However, I thought it would be fun to exercise my bile in being as racially offensive, just for my own entertainment.

As for being "polite" about religions, I must apologise for my lack of sensitivity in this area.

God made me rude, offensive and objectionable with regard to anything religious. Anyone who has a problem with this, should take the matter up with god, jehovah, ah lah, yah weh or whatever idol, symbol or idea of "spirituality" the individual may choose to believe in. I honestly don't give a shit :)

redbean said...

matilah, read my lips would you, or my post. i said that the article was MINE. someone hijacked it and called it his, a german? no, i think the german did not claim that it was his article. he probably copied it and someone simpy assumed that it was written by the german.

the article was written by redbean and posted in this blog and redbean forum.