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A big challenge today!

Malaysia has staked its claim on 5 popular dishes as Malaysia' national dishes. These include Nasi Lemak, Chicken Rice, Bak Kut Teh, Chilly Crab and Laksa. It was like the British claiming that they founded Singapore. Ok, now that the heat is on, let me claim something for Singapore before they are claimed by other countries. I hereby stake these claims, and without exceptions, unconditionally, that these are our national dishes: 1. Mee Goreng 2. Mee Rebus 3. One Ton Mee 4. Roti John 5. Rojak 6. Satay And for deserts, 1. Chendol 2. Bo Bo Cha Cha 3. Ice Kacang And for drinks, 1. Teh Tarik 2. Teh O 3. Kopi O 4. Kopi C 5. Ice Kosong Oh, maybe I shall defer Teh Tarik to Malaysia since they have experimented it in space and made it world famous. I was thinking of adding Bubble Tea but Li Ao will call us stupid again. And how can I forget Mee Siam. This must be truly Singaporean. No one would dare to challenge this unique dish of ours. I will find some time to write a piece and submit it to Wikipedia to make it official. Now, what is so challenging about this challenge of the day? I am hoping that someone will make a more hilarious claim than mine. My only concern is that this may trigger a diplomatic spat.


Wally Buffet said...


Leave those numb skulls to their little games. Claiming regional dishes as their own and tussling cultural dances. WTF!

Now you know why despite us being a tiny red dot that we are miles ahead in serious governance and economic aspiration.

redbean said...

wally, today is tgif. so try to relack a bit lah.

Wally Buffet said...

Yo! You're right bruther.

What is life without some court jesters in my palace.


Anonymous said...

I love all the dishes that are mentioned.

Hope all the parties will compete to produce the best versions.

Friendly competitions always lead to better products(result).


Anonymous said...

Er redbean, yes 'mee siam mai hum' one is original lah! True pink Singaporean dish.

Anonymous said...

Raffles founded Singapore? Recent history, that most younger Singaporeans know of, seems to suggest that it was LKY hor. Don't distort recent history leh. Erection coming you know.

Anonymous said...

Add; Bo Bay Zhao (watercrest juice), Fei Yu Qin ( Mineral water).

redbean said...

ok, let me be historically correct. raffles founded the old singapore for the british empire. lky founded modern singapore for the people of singapore.

as for water crest and mineral water, i will like to add ang tow tng: )

Anonymous said...

"lky founded modern singapore for the people of singapore"; unquote.

You sure he(LKY) founded Singapore for the people of Singapore? Sir.


for himself and his clans??

Ok, historically correct! BUT political correct???


Anonymous said...

Were there others already here when Raffles landed? I guess not, otherwise how could he have founded Singapore? At least he just founded. Columbus was supposed to have discovered America. Goodness, what do they classify the Red Indians then?

LKY founded Singapore is politically correct but historically distorted.