The assassination of Ris Low

It started of as a guise, projected as good humour and clean fun to poke at the way Ris Low, the newly crowned Miss Singapore World, speaks English. It was so innocent and with good intention, that Ris Low should speak good English or else.... Now part of the deception is off. The campaign to assassinate her continues. The ST reported that 40 letters were received on Ris Low's poor command of English and wow, 11 writers were quoted. I am now wondering how many letters were written to ST on the high cost of property prices. But 40 letters must be a big sampling of the voices to support the case Ris Low is not fit to represent Singapore. On face value this is a lot when all national issues probably got a handful of letters. But of course no such statistics were given except for this case. ST is just doing its objective role of reporting the groundswell. Who is mastermind behind this character assassination? What is his true intent or identity? Is speaking good English a criteria in this beauty contest? If it is, then this requirement must be stated clearly from the start and contestants must be interviewed to screen them out of the race. Obviously not. If I can remember, contestants from non English speaking countries can choose to have a translator. Ris Low can ask for a translator and speak in Mandarin or dialect or Singlish and get it translated. Why not when Japanese, Spanish, or whatever contestants can do so? Anyway, what's so big deal about a beauty contest when the contestants won by default as the true beauty of a nation will never stand out to be chosen? It is just a little fun and fancy contest. And I agree with what Woffles Wu said as quoted in ST. Go for it Ris Low. Be yourself and not what the pretenders expect you to be. The way you speak is what you are. And if you want to speak the best you can, choose the medium that you are comfortable with and not be forced to use a foreign tongue. I hope the nasties will not continue with the attack and go after her schools, teachers and her families. The vibes are disgusting. Hiding behind the veil of good intention to destroy another person is low down behavior. Will the mastermind behind this saga owns up?


Matilah_Singapura said...

When you are "successful" there's no shortage of people to tear you down.

Anyway, a good woman doesn't talk too much. In fact, it's better that she shuts the fuck up :)

Anonymous said...

Who is the mastermind? Nodding Talk lah!

Anonymous said...

Ris Low is a convicted Criminal

Anonymous said...

Now, she has another problem, this time because of credit card use.

Shall we suggest that she be given 'yellow ribbon' treatment. Past mistakes should be forgiven and offenders be given opportunity to 'turn-around'. I say; why not?

We do have a Minister who was convicted for (fore)disclosing official informations, don't we?


ZenSensei said...

Some people probably created the videos for fun without thinking too much about how it would hurt the person in question.

I support the thought that Ris should just continue being herself and to pursue her dreams in life.

redbean said...

yep, some just had a good laugh without thinking more into it. but the way this think is being carried out, the persistence in the attack, speaks more than the eyes could see.