Anti Jews tattoo

Malaysia has its cow head stomping incident. We have our 'Anti Jews' tattoo incident. In our case it was a guy with a tattoo 'Anti Jews' done on his face. And he was charged in court for hitting a Jew. He really did that. Such anti racial or religious acts did not happen out of the blue. The govt has a prominent role to send the right message out, that it would not tolerate such acts and behaviours. Any govt that takes a partial attitude towards such infringements will only encourage and breed more of such behaviours. Any infringement of such a nature must be nipped in the bud and the law coming down hard on the culprits. The message must be loud and clear. By the way, how could someone wearing such a tattoo on his face in Singapore and get away with it? Nobody notices it? It is good that the Malaysian govt has taken action to charge those who were involved in the cow head stomping incident. If they continue to protect the culprits, more racial hatred will flare up. Now the whole community will be watching the case and see how partial or impartial will be the court's judgement.

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Wally Buffet said...

Throw the book at the MF.

By the way, once not so long ago, if you had your whole body tattooed, you're liable to spend some time in the "fridge" and then detained under the PPSO. Not so, nowadays it seems. I see deviants with Eagles, Dragons, Red Indian heads and assorted figures from hell abusing their bodies and yet they are walking freely flaunting their "art". WTF! Bring back the PPSO man.