Ah Mah and Ah Kong's Singlish

How many of you have been entertained by the Singlish of Ah Mah and Ah Kong? It is hilarious if one is kind, difficult and irritating for the less tolerant, and outright outrageous and stupid for the Anglophiles. For the latter, Ah Mah and Ah Kong are simply idiotic, can't speak simple English. They should be kept away from the polished crowd of sophistication and well cultured WOGs. How much different is Ris Low from Ah Kong and Ah Mah? I am waiting to read more letters to attack Ris Low for her poor command of the English Language. Let the campaign continues to drive Ris Low into hiding. Make her feel ashame, huh? We are the sikit atas Singaporeans. We spaek good Inglish. If you cannot spaek good Inglish, stay away from us. I shall use my control of the blog/forum to attack such poor Inglish speakers.


Anonymous said...

Why they so like dat? Cannot speaking 'sedikit atas' England also must complain meh.

Many Miss Universe contender also cannot speaking one letter England also can take part.

Singapore people sometimes eat finish nothing to do ah!

redbean said...

i am very angry with the merciless attack on an innocent girl. who is behind this?

why are those who could speak some english think that they are better than those who can't? english is only a language of convenience and nothing more. we are using the language for commerce and as a leveller. no need to be smug about being a good english speaker.

make sure you can speak your own mother tongue first.

Anonymous said...

Who are the People? Redbedan asked repeatedly.

Let me try to provide one possible answer and that is those conceited children of guns and bitches that are fond of bitching. 'Chiapa bu tai chee' or those with nothing better to do, some mentally unbalanced.

Hope Redbean can accept the reasons offered.


Anonymous said...

"make sure you can speak your own mother tongue first."

this is tricky for immigrant child, whom has not master his mother tongue yet has to learn english for first time plus force to study a third language.

Anonymous said...

I just don't understand, really do not understand the pervert obssession with the English Language by Singaporeans.

Putin of Russia, Ahmedinejad of Iran, Hu Qin Tao and almost all the Leaders of Non-English Speaking Nations do not speak in English in the United Nations, in the G7, G8 and G20 Meeting and when visiting other countries. Are they inferior to Singaporeans????

Almost 40 of us Singaporean, Malaysian and Australian Chinese were in Beijing some time back. There were constant lamentations from the Singapore Chinese Members that our Chinese tour guide was 'lousy' because she cannot speak English, the Malaysians have not complaint and the Australians were disappointed with themselves for not been able to comprehend the narrations and instructions of the guide.

See how Chinese Singaporean Chinese are???


Anonymous said...

Why are you criticising the Ah Kong and Ah Mah. You suck. Aren't you of age too.