The Age of Demonising over?

During the cold war period the western powers and their media went on a tenacious campaign to demonise anything Communist, Russian or China as bad, demons, devils, destructive, terror, evil or whatever that is negative. This went on for more than half a century till today. There is a little easing off lately with the fall of the Soviet Union and the emergence of a capitalist China. The demonising is still going on. The events following the publishing of the book Men In White could be an indication that the Age of Demonising your enemies or opponents is slowly coming to an end. Or will it be? Our general election is around the corner. The opposition political parties are not in the same league of the Communists and the Barisan Socialists. They are more like any other ordinary citizens. Would they be subject to the kind of demonising to discredit them as reasonable people unworthy to be elected as the people's representatives in Parliament? For that matter, why are cyberspace and alternative media being regarded in the likes of dissidents or anti establishment parties, an evil force that must be watched like a hawk and if possible nabbed and put into cold storage? I seem to have this impression, rightly or wrongly, that this is the sentiment. Is it true or just my imagination? Are they that dangerous, that destructive? By the way, alternative parties are just groups of individuals offering an alternative to run the country and not gangsters or mobs or triads or demons. They need to be treat respectfully as any deserving citizens, in fact better, for their noble intention to serve the people and nation. There are thugs, rogues and scoundrels in their midst, possible. In fact these undesirable elements are present in all corners of society, among the elite as well. Will we see the passing of the Age of Demonising? Or calling people names, branding people as bad, etc etc is still a way of protecting ones own self interest. They are bad, we are good!


Anonymous said...

'...alternative parties are just groups of individuals offering an alternative to run the country....'

Exactly. When the ruling party started they had hawkers and barbers among its MPs and they also had to learn the ropes as they go along. Now they are throwing all kinds of horrifying scenarios should the opposition come into power. How could they know it will be worse and not better? Being economically successful does not equate to a better life for its citizens. House prices are out of this world and everything else follows skywards.

Anonymous said...

50 Years of Continuous Progress and where are we ?

Living in dove cages and slogging like slaves ! At least the doves have time to preen their feathers.


Anonymous said...

Stop being ungrateful. never satisfied even though you have the best living standard, good schools, safe environment, job security, good infrastructure medical facilities etc etc etc. If you do not appreciate all these, just leave and go elsewhere.