A $10 million solution

The govt is spending $10m to integrate new citizens and PRs into our system. With such an expensive approach to solving this problem it is only a matter of time before the newcomers find themselves being embraced by the locals. And if $10m is not enough to resolve the issue, maybe another $20m or $30m should do the trick. For the govt to spend so much money on an apparently non issue is puzzling. Or is there genuine problem in the integration of the newcomers? Or the locals are not accepting them or the newcomers not making any effort to integrate with the locals? I don't think the govt of the past bothered or spent a cent more to integrate the early migrants when they arrived. Everyone would have to find their way to survive and live with the locals or early arrivals. There was this natural tendency to live and let live, to adapt and accommodate each other with the least resistance. And those migrants were mostly poor and illiterate. Maybe poor and illiterate are easier to please. Today the migrants were talents, well educated and highly praised. Would these be the source of their problems in adapting and integrating with the lesser talented locals? Or maybe the locals could not meet the expectations of the new talents or feel inferior to them. So, how should the money be used to get the two to be nice to one another? Give treats to the new to make them less snobbish and be kinder to their less able locals? Or to give to the locals to be nice to the new migrants? For the latter, maybe a reward system will expedite the mixing of the two groups. $100 for making a new friend of a new citizen. $1000 for 10. And an award of $10k for the most friendly local who have made the most new friends among the new citizens. Can we really expect people to make love with each other overnight just because the govt says so? We are having so many foreigners in our midst and the novelty of meeting people from other countries is turning into an irritation to some and a pain to others. A few at a time may not present any problem and the locals may go all out to make them welcomed, out of curiosity and being helpful. When the newcomers come in hoards and become almost a nightmare, everywhere, the feeling is indifferent and uncomfortable. And if the newcomers are overbearing or demanding, they can only expect the locals to reciprocate, not necessary violence, but keeping a cold distance. It is not uncommon for the locals to feel that they are being invaded by aliens in the trains or buses. And the aloofness or unfamiliar characteristics or traits of newcomers may rub the wrong way. I think more money will definitely help to resolve this problem.


Anonymous said...

Again it is the same logical conclusion. Money can solve any problem.

Money can buy votes. Money can assist one to get away with murder, or buy a shorter jail sentence for a serious crime, if you can afford a great lawyer.

So, use money for all ills lah, spiritual, moral, physical or political.

Anonymous said...

absolutely no shame at all!!!
no wonder we are losing our national identity.

which other country ask their citizens to lick up to the invaders??
if ft think singapore is not treating them well, they can blardy well fxxx back to their homeland.

if pap is not traitor, what else can u call them?

Matilah_Singapura said...

Classic political ploy: side with the PR's and new citizens to win their political support.

The original locals are getting restless, and many increasingly disgruntled. Many of them are emigrating. These events are political red flags for the ruling elite. They need to bolster political support for themselves or risk being thrown out of power.

I've got to hand it to the PAP: as a guy who when he's working earns his keep by teaching techniques of manipulation and control, the PAP are masters of this game. Yes, it's a game -- at least that's the way I look at it. If I didn't and took it "seriously" that would send me insane. Or rather more insane.

Anonymous said...

To be fair to the Regime, i must say that most Singaporeans enjoyed the games played by the Leaders who in all honesty, never hide their game plans. Whatever were done in the last two or three decades were carried out before our very eyes. Well, it can also be said that they knew that there was absolutely nothing the People could do to oppose their policies.


i contend that even today, there are many PAP supporters, some are bootlickers, ball carriers and some are simply blindly faithful.