We are short of doctors!

Our university can only produce 200 doctors annually. And the supply of doctors is anaemic, must be affected by our 2 child policy that we cannot produce more doctors. Or all the straight As and straight Bs students were not good enough. So now we are recruiting doctors by the planeloads from third world countries or doctors with degrees from third world countries. Our medical facilities have been expanding in leaps and bounds. Our needs for doctors, nurses and other medical professionals must also increase. Somehow I got the impression that nobody notice this. And now we have to import all the great doctors from all over the world. Actually hor, if we know we need so many doctors hor, we can increase the intake of medical students hor, then we got no doctor no enough problem you know. QED.


Jaunty Jabber said...

If Singapore cannot import doctors fast enough, Singapore might export the patients.

redbean said...

they will do just that if they can collect the fees as well. or at least referral fees by sitting in the board of directors.

IMAGOD said...

Pay them more. "Shortage" problem solved.

The market works well — if you are lacking in something, just bid a higher price.

Anonymous said...

Try keeping yourself healthy and help the doctors to have more rest and time for a little leisure.


Anonymous said...

We are short of doctors.
That cant be helped.

Paul said...

Did you ever stop to ask yourself:

"IF we are really short of doctors why are all the neighbourhood GPs short of work? Why do they have to do skin peels etc to keep themselves busy?"

Could it be more of a problem of conditions in public hospitals?

redbean said...

hi paul, welcome to the blog.

you got your point there, we still have plenty of GPs running their own biz. but that is a choice they take. as an industry, the requirement for doctors is growing and it is unbelieveable that we did not see it coming.

and matilah, the medical profession and the legal profession have strict controls on the number of graduates to be produced. of course, it is also a case of capacity and capability of the institutions to produce them. the latter reasons are bull as far as i am concerned.

Anonymous said...

I thought we have a Government that can see decades ahead. What happened?

Paul said it all. It is not a shortage, but an inbalance between public and private healthcare. Every doctor wants to make big bucks outside. I don't think they believe in the oath any more.

redbean said...

can't blame them lah. the cost of medical education and the duration means a lot of investment in money and time. they need to recoup for their investments. and don't forget, to own landed properties, to drive reasonable cars and with the high cost of renting in setting up private practices, they need to charge more to make it meaningful as a profession.

Anonymous said...

Can take along into the next life or not?

IMAGOD said...

No government nor any person employed by government has a crystal ball to see into the future and determine future "needs" of a society. This is why central planning eventually fails by misallocating resources — either too little or too much causing shortages and over-supplies.

This is why govt education is a total waste of time, actually their are benefits to the power elite: they get t choke the individualism out of children, moulding them into obedient, non-thinking, gullible automatons to serve the power-elite and their cronies.

Anonymous said...

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