Time for celebration

Singapore is officially the 2nd most expensive Asian city after Tokyo. Bring me my wine, or champagne better, for such a great achievement. And with our salaries also at record high, property prices at record high, Singaporeans are a lucky lot to be able to afford such high living. How do I conclude so? No Singaporean is complaining. So all is fine. And foreigners are flocking here in bigger numbers, all laughing to the banks. There are plenty of money everywhere. A modern day Eden.


Lost4ever said...

What is there to rejoices about, when it means that u have to pay thru your nose for everything???

Where can we complain when the web is perhaps the only place to vent your frustrations, and only to a small audience???

Anonymous said...

No Singaporean is complaining because it is futile.

The government listens but do not hear.

They ask for feedback, but such feedback will be used to craft rules and regulations to tighten their control over the people.

If they do not like it, they may ask you to join a political party in order to talk about politics.

So, would Singaporeans dare to complain?

Wally Buffet said...

Property prices are crazy.

Stock markets are steady and up.

Inflation is creeping up so will oil prices and that's good for certain currencies.

Jobs are available if you know where to look. Worst case scenario, you can still drive a taxi and meet all kinds of weirdos as what Prof Cai did and blog about it.

The annual haze, is still not here yet.

Redbean is still as entertaining as ever.

Planeloads of Xiao Meis still disembark to entertain us.

A golfing titan whom I don't particularly like has been humbled.

Cooler weather is on its way.

In another two weeks, my little palace in Lijiang is "Topping Up".

Indeed it is,

Time for Celebration!

Anonymous said...

Soon we will be number one. Our government aspire to be number 1 in every area-- the best, the most,the biggest, the only one etc at whatever costs. So tighten your belts for higher costs of living.

redbean said...

nevermind higher cost of living as long as the pay is higher proportionally.