The remarkable Garden of Eden

What are the great things in the Garden of Eden. One thing for sure, man was innocent, so innocent that he went about naked without knowing it, thus knowing no shame. And his job was to tend the garden dutifully, knowing no right and no wrong. In other words man shall be unthinking. And he must be kept that way, for he was forbidden to know, not allowed to eat from the Tree of Knowledge. God did not want man to know too much, not to be as clever as him. There was also the Tree of Life, and man must not eat from it to live forever, like God. The line between man and God is very clear. The essence of the Garden of Eden is that man shall live there happily doing his part, tending the orchard. It was a life of blissful ignorance, and be like a worker. Thinking is not needed, everything will be taken care of. Leave the thinking to God. And God has all things planned, with all his wise schemes. And when man tries to be too smart, to be like God, he shall be banished from the Garden forever. Just follow orders and man will be ok. The Garden shall be guarded by a cherubim and a flaming sword to keep those banished from returning. How many of you would like to live a life of contentment in the Garden of Eden, full of ignorant bliss and no worries? And mind you, there is a paternalistic God looking after all your needs. Sorry Tommy. We are no Venice or Geneva. We are Eden.


redbean said...

'seek ye first the truth, and the truth shall set you free.' can we seek the truth in the garden of eden? will we know the truth?

Anonymous said...

Redbean, I sincerely hope that you are not hinting that there is a similarity between our govt and your Garden of Eden with one all knowing and all deciding God with all our ministers obeying without their own opinion or thoughts. Shame on you if your article imply that. We have a democratic system, nothing like what you described, or do we?

redbean said...

i like your question 'do we?'

i think we are better than the garden of eden. we have gods and immortals...and angels.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Redbean, my sincerest apologies, in fact I need not apologize because I merely want to report what I heard frequently.

They said; in SIN, there are so many bloodsuckers, satans, hypocrites, tongue twisters, lowya buroh, hantus, bootlickers and despots etc. Shame or no shame, money first!

Not i say wan, so take back my apology.


redbean said...

no lah there are many good people here lah. see, everyone rushing to start charities to raise money to help the poor also. they only help themselves a bit only.

IMAGOD said...

Expecting a benevolent god or a dictator to look after you and provide for your life has interesting consequences and provided entertainment for observers of the human condition.