Our simple formula to economic growth

Increase the population. Without population growth, we will decline. My question is, is this the only way to growth? This is simply quantitative growth. There are many great nations that keep growing qualitatively, with no demanding needs to increase their populations. There is a need to keep our population growing, at a control pace, but not at a pace, and with a growth formula that says no population growth means stagnation and decline. If this is the truth, then our population will not be capped at 8m, it needs to keep growing to sustain growth, 10m, 20m, 50m.... This will denounce countries that are able to grow in leaps and bounds without significant population injection. Why can they do it and we can't? I thought we simply pay our super talents more and they will come out with quality solutions to grow our economy. Can't we just pay our way through? Or is paying and paying a myth, that they can't do anything except to rely on population to grow? Looking ahead, I can only see ourselves starve to death for lack of air, breathing space or moving space when our population hits 8m. And going forward, we will be killing each other for a little space to wriggle around. It is a sure path to our own destruction if population growth is the only way forward.


Jaunty Jabber said...

Really so simple ah? In order to help the country build a strong economy, Singaporean just need to re-produce and multiply? Such a simple method but we need supertalents with super number of years of experience to tell us.

Even peasants need to consider the land size and soil quality before they could simply aim to expand and multiply their crops. Maybe the peasants think too much.

Lost4ever said...

The issue is racial balance, that's why import Chinese from China & Malaysia; Indians from India; else when the ratio is out of proportion, who is going to feed us in old age?

That old dog is very concern!

After importing so many people, the ratio is still 76,15,7... imagine if there wasn't any import!

redbean said...

that is another perspective to look at. what would we be like if it is 7,15,76 or 15,76,7?

Jaunty Jabber said...

Very easy to solve.

Didn't the supertalent already demonstrated to all of us, whichever is in negative, import.

Wally Buffet said...


Go to Australia if you find it suffocating here. Hehe.

Matilah_Singapura said...

redbean quoted a widespread myth:

> Increase the population. Without population growth, we will decline. <

It seems, at least on this blog no one believes this claim. Perhaps thhe myth is not so widespread after all.

But the govt still thinks it can fool people by bluffing them and then proceeding to use bullshit in a failing attempt to further confuse people.

Will people wake up?

Sick of Super Talents said...

Wah, we have such super talents, who pay themselves super obscene salaries and bonuses, to come out with quantitative increase in population in order to grow the economy. Also at the same time when economy is down, they blame it own the whole world. If quantity is sufficient, why then we need quality talents at the top? Why should we pay such "talents" the world's highest salaries?

redbean said...

hi Sick of Super Talent,

welcome to the blog. what we need is better supertalent. and we will get them if we double their current salary. then their talent will double as well and things will improve double fold.

Anonymous said...

The highest paid CEO in US received US1 billion in compensation last year as reported in the States Times today.

The same old sickness is coming back. Unsatified greed.

Anonymous said...

Oh, it says Private and Confidential on the Pay Envelopes and Pay Slips.

And it says Private and Confidential on all Investment and Banking Agreements. Third Party is not allowed access to documents of Financial Investment Documents such as Bonds. And some of the elderly investors do not even read or understand a letter(alphabet) of English.

But then, the Straits Times has no qualm reporting the incomes of superhigh earners to the envies of our elites. The Last will of course then used the publicised figure to justified increasing their own incomes. Oh ! It is just sickening ! I think our leaders are more interested in filling their pockets than National Economic Growth.

I do not know how to continue; fill up the rest with whatever You can and want.


redbean said...

ya, blow up some big earners to show how little our supertalents are getting, then use it to justify for more. how can people be earning billions and we be paid peanuts in the millions? ridiculous, we must adjust our salary to match them.