A new lifestyle

Singaporeans have many choices of lifestyle they wish to live by, at a cost. Take visiting families and friends for instance. A family of two adults and two children making social calls is not a cheap thing. The fortunate will drive to their destination and the immediate cost is the petrol. The road tax and car already paid for. Just the recurring cost, $10 for petrol and $5 for parking. And if they choose to park illegally, maybe another $30 to $80 if kenna caught by our superbly efficient parking attendants. The alternative is public transport, either by cab or train/bus. A two way cab fair is going to be at least $20 or more, depending on the distance. Even by mass transport, $8 may be the cheapest. Hey, leading a socially active life is not cheap and not free anymore. What can happen down the road is perhaps virtual visiting. Everyone hook on a webcam and sit in front of a PC or laptop to chat away, by the fingers of course. In visual contact but nothing physical. Now that is futuristic. For those with mother in law phobia it is the best thing to happen. Now I am wondering why is social life or family visit a thing of the past.


Wally Buffet said...

Mother in Law phobia?

Don't celebrate too soon.

In my crystal ball, I see all our dear mother in laws standing right in front of us by being beamed like the StarTrek episodes. This will happen circa 2030. The only consolation is that by that time, we will be in a parallel universe.


IMAGOD said...

rebean, moaning again that life should be "cheap" or "free"?

Come on lah. Living costs money. Don't be such a cheapskate lah. You want 50¢ petrol and free parking... perhaps free public transport? Why not? Have everything free lah...

Even mother in-law problems can be solved by money and I don't mean hiring a professional hitman ;)

What I mean is make sure you have enough dough to ensure that there is a healthy physical distance between you and your monster in law. Living in separate hemispheres helps.

redbean said...

matilah, i no problem paying a few dollars. in fact no one in paradise has any problem. i am just stating a factual thing.

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Wally Buffet said...

Speaking for myself, Redbean is already popular enough amongst his regular readers and I don't think he is standing for election for blogger of the year. Reason why I am here is that he is a humble blogger who interacts with his readers in a friendly manner not some ego tripper forever singing praises of how prodigious his lineage is. Yucks.

redbean said...

hi shallu, welcome to the blog and thanks for the invite. i looked at that site but could not see how my blog would fit in.