New kid on the blog - p65

The p65 blog is evolving and is crashing into the blogging scene with another loud bang after the first bang whimpered away. This time some big guns were lined up to write for the blog, Mrs Shereen Aziz-Williams, Britain based director of the Council of Ethnic Minority voluntary Sector Organisations, unionist Mohamad Nazir Sani, grassroot leader Terence Quek and MPs are all in the line up. If you are born after 1965, have non partisan and neutral views, and constructive criticism of policies, you are welcomed. Partisan views are not allowed, I think. I am still trying to figure out what these mean. And soon they will also have photos and videos, including snapshots of interesting things around the neighbourhood. Welcome to the blogging world, p65.


Anonymous said...

Redbean Sir:

You said they came with a bang the last time, but few heard it, for those who heard it, many claimed that that was noise.

Could the new bang be an added noise ?


Anonymous said...

'..non partisan and neutral views, and constructive criticism of policies'

That's a rather tall order to expect. If I agree, what is there to give my views or criticise? My lesser mortal mind does not understand the meaning of 'constructive' lah! Just say it is a good policy?

Oh well, let them die another natural death. Nobody will miss anything.