The NDP was a security nightmare

I was there and experienced the crowd, 30 to 40 people deep, some areas more, all along the Esplanade from the floating platform to Collyer Quay, including the whole stretch of Benjamin Sheares Bridge. And the area in front of Asian Civilisation was also packed with families and merrymakers out for a good time, or just to soak in the atmosphere. It was a great feeling to see so many happy people enjoying themselves in comfort and with peace of mind. On the other hand, it was frightening should a bomb or two exploded in their midst. The carnage would be huge and ugly. Pray that it would never happen in such an event or anywhere here in paradise. The security people must have done a great job, and at the same time keeping their fingers crossed that thing would turn out alright, that everyone, adult and child, could go home contented, after an evening outings. But no matter how good the security people are, there are going to be some misfits, misled, misinformed and stupid people among and around us that will do the unspeakable and cause injury, pain and anguish to the innocents. How could we, as a people, stay together as one harmonious family, and prevent those who would want to do harm our friends and families to give up their evil and wicked designs? Only the people acting as one can avoid such a painful happening, only when the people are prepared to stand up and tell on those who want to do us harm, to turn them in instead of harbouring them. Without the cooperation and involvement of the people, the ordinary citizens, the evil ones will have found friends to hide and conceal them, to swim among them and waiting to strike at the next opportunity. We cannot afford to alienate our people and push them to the other side. We need to really be an inclusive country and count on every citizen as a member of a bigger family, to live and play and enjoy a peaceful lifestyle, free from dangers and harm. 300 to 400 thousand people were out there enjoying themselves and without a care about their own safety. We have taken these for granted. It is progress in a way. A kind of achievements. But we cannot depend on being lucky all the time.


Anonymous said...

Luck is not always with us all the time even if You named yourself Lucky. Maybe Luck needs to rest too !


Anonymous said...

Those who are afraid and stay away will live to see another day.

When something happens they always say it is one of those things that they cannot prevent. But before that they tell you we have the best security measures in the whole universe.

redbean said...

the security threat is very real and cannot be taken lightly. it is better for the parade to start at 5 and end at 7pm when it is still bright.

the fireworks part can be dispensed with or do it later with a smaller crowd. can save money some more if done away with.